German is beautiful
No it's *not* an angry language.

If you think so. You just didn't hear any German outside Angela Merkel and Adolf Hitler

Polish, Luxembourgian have lovely German accent.
Opera is sometimes in German and can be gorgeous.

@freyja_wildes i really dont like opera but german is one of the sweetest langages :')

@freyja_wildes I would love to answer this with some german poems for y'all to listen to. But can't. (-.-)

"Frühling lässt sein blaues Band
Wieder flattern durch die Lüfte..."

@freyja_wildes the German word for a "Think Tank" is "ein Denkenpanzerkampfwagen" and I think it's beautiful.

@freyja_wildes I never recognized she has an accent. I just watched her new years speech from 2012 (btw. her look is really creepy in this one...) and I can hear it a bit now.

@freyja_wildes The German word for silt is "Schluff."
That's like the best word ever.

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