Apparently, the consensus on the Dino chatroom is that Dino don't need an user manual because nobody will read it. Everybody seem to think it would be enough to make the interface intuitive.
I think I disagree with that, but I'm curious to know what the design and ergonomics timeline here think of user manuals.

@Sylvhem What I was taught is:
Do both.
Your product must be as intuitive as possible.
But you also need *some* sort of documentation, because it's impossible to be intuitive for everyone.

If my analogy is correct, it's like development: you must make your code as clear as possible. But you *need* documentation non the less.
Self documenting code is a myth

@freyja_wildes @Sylvhem +1

and there are very often features that are especially difficult to make intuitive, or that would become cluttered if documented in the UI, or that become intuitive after some documentation that has to be somewhere, or documentation that will only ever be useful to a few users

both are good

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