Please, thank @Morgane_lapine for me.

She made me discover, as she puts it, " in a Jurassic Park world".

That game is awesome, *packed* with *huge* content and hard. That's all I'm asking for

Woke and got up at 4a.m.
Cooked and... didn't feel like anything so, got to play .
Last night I finished ⭐lvl missions.
Started ⭐⭐lvl.
And mostly, this morning: RTFM

I tried Insect Glaive. Very cool, a Bit difficult to master for me.

Then tried Charge Blade. Very, very cool. Definitely will keep playing it, maybe in Adept style, maybe another one would be more adapted. Will see.

As stated, reading the manual, in this case, the weapon description in the "hunter's log".

I'm very enthusiastic about trying dual blade with Valor Style. The synergy is nice.

This game is *packed* with content. Really a lot of things to discover, build. Kind of wish to build everything... ho the hours of farming...

Excellent game. Switching weapons will be really fun!

Played a bit again. took down a Giant Ludroth.
It's a majestic and gorgeous creature. Clearly a bit outta my league... took me almost 50min.

I used dual blade with valor style. Awesome. Although I need to change my art, cause the Aerial Slash is bad LeL.

It's a far more dynamic gameplay. So much more suited to me.
With the materials I got, I build so armour for marksman weapon. I'll the light arbalest which does a lot more damage than what I have and see how I like the gameplay.

The issue is I am *packed* with adrenaline. I'm almost shaking, and every single unintentional solicitation (like just slightly touching something on my desk - pen or something - gets on my nerve...).
I shall be careful never to play too late or I'll mess my sleep bad.

This game is so full of alternatives, it's really important to test a various range of weapon and styles. I tried:
great sword, charge blade, switch axe, bow, light bowgun, dual blades, insect glaive.
So basically half the weapons. And I haven't tried all Hunter Styles yet.
I think I should have a look at other weapons just to be sure I'm not missing a great weapon style I would enjoy a lot.

Then there's Styles. Have tried only two (out of six)
Well, the two basics are really simple it seems, they make the game more like a traditional game of this type (it seems).
But clearly adept and valor are awesome! (Though I'm bad at Adept).
Stiker and Guild seem pretty straight forward, for players who don't mess around and just wanna kick the shit outta a monsters.

I should try Alchemy style with the light bowgun, it seems very well suited to the weapon I think

I also should try adept again but with a more dynamic weapon, like sword & shield.
Then of course Aerial seems to be a *lot* of fun. Right now I'm simply incapable of jumping on monsters and maybe I'd enjoy that.

Many content & gameplay packed in that game. It's a great.
I feel a bit low compared to the awesome minds that came up with a game with that great a variety of adaptable components *inside one game*.
Now *that's* game design

The only thing I feel a bit sad about:
It's still a game where one wreck havoc in the midst of gorgeous ecosystems and creatures.

I really should design a game with a different and innovative approach. Tired of destroying beauty in games.

Quickly spent some time last night on the game before bed.

I tried light bowgun. It's fun but I'm frustrated by the fact one can't run. But I also haven't exploited all commands. Maybe I just need to learn.

I'm gonna try Long Sword with Valor state, seems very cool (poke @Morgane_lapine , you should try it too).

Also, I wish to find a good weapon to play in Areal style...

Ok, I hadn't any light bowgun. Build one, tested it.
It's nice.
Alchemy still really isn't for me when using light bowgun. It's okay but I thought it would open more possibilities. That's ok.
But I'd love to test a good Hunter Style with that weapon.
Ideas maybe? Maybe Aerial style

I still have Long Sword and Valor state.

OK, I confirm that Long Sword is good in valor state. The special draw isn't easy (didn't even used it once), but one can do a lot of damage

Played a lot today (and still playing because fuck life.... though I'm sorry SO)

I made the full Nargacuga gear. Could put a lot of decoration so I have critical eye + 1, health +20, tremor resist.
It's pretty cool gear !

I've done all the available prowler quests. I hadn't finished level ⭐⭐⭐ and carried on by doing level ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Now I'm probably gonna finish level ⭐⭐⭐⭐ in hunter play.

It's cool

Oh, miou. *te fait un calin tout doux pour t'aider à te calmer*

Je t'aime chatte

looks like you're enjoying the game, it's nice to see :D (too bad I wasn't there to watch you play, though)

@freyja_wildes Don't play too much or else you'll be too excited to sleep 💜

I'm alright. Thanks to take care of me.
Just trying out weapon styles.
Now going to make food

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