Please validated my ideas
Tell me I'm good, that my ideas are, my art (not much I know) is...

Attention craving sure, attention monster even...

It's who I want to be : a great artist, a very good philosopher, the best person I possibly can be

As a person, good you most certainly are. Your selfies are great, I melt every time… I love exchanging ideas, talking in depth with you because it's *always* very interesting and constructive. I want to see you make art
I *want* to give you lots of attention. Because you deserve it 💜

I'd say even if you seem to not see it some of the time, you *really* are a freaking great person.

I am beyond happy to have met you.

@freyja_wildes As far as I know you, you're one of the best person I've met (really, not saying that to please you). I'd love to exchange more ideas with you and to see your art :3

thank you really. I try my best to be all that

I don't really know you, but you seems to be a really strong and independent women! 💪❤️
I want you're "presence", "confidence"(I don't know how I can say that ^^)
Ps: sorry for the approximative English😉

that's ok (I also speak French if you prefer)
It's very nice to say. I'll try to live up to the compliment

Hihi bonne chance, je sais ce que c'est d'être trop dure avec soit même 😊

Je veux juste être géniale. Je pense que c'est un objectif raisonnable (non)

XD le but c'est de tendre en permanence vers la perfection ^^

On est d'accord...

D'accord pour dire que c'est épuisant aussi

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