might be good

is one of the worst programming language culture I know

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The wide spread over engineering
The over use of singleton
The miss use of spring concept
The over encapsulation of libs (back to over engineering)

@freyja_wildes Unfortunately, stating that something is overengineered does not have much meaning without a concrete context.

Do you really what me to write a full thesis about why a MVC Model in 5 layers, which encapsulate layers of libs that so central they can't be changed anyway?
You either trust my skills to evaluate it or not.
Plus, I will remind you I am bound by contract not to disclose too much about my job.

What's your goal here ? If you want to tell me i'm wrong go ahead and tell me why.
You're kinda cryptic and I wonder : where is the conversation going ?

@freyja_wildes If you just want to rant and not discuss, ok. Simply use a different programming language and community.

Look I'm willing to discuss but you haven't started any conversation.

Rant, yes. Do you feel like I attack your favourite language or something ?

And you know what : I don't choose my technology. My companies does.
And I specifically didn't say that the language was bad nor the community.

Maybe pay attention to what I right.

If you have a point. Something to say that is a circumlocution, please go ahead.


Sorry for my tone. But we've exchanged 3 messages and I still don't know "what is it that you wanna say?"

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