A text by @Electron and the voice by... well Freyja (me)

]Bon du coup... un texte par @Electron et une narration... ben par Freyja du coup (moi)

@freyja_wildes Wow you have such a beautiful voice. It's amazing. I really like your voice. And @Electron I like the text a lot, even it's not my favourite genre it left a great impression on me ! 💜

@freyja_wildes @alice
Miou. I don't exactly know where I'm going, but… I want to continue writing it ^_^

And thank you

And yeah, she makes me melt even with only her voice…

@Electron Totally understand. I'm sorry but it took me all by surprise and I was… wow. I wish my voice was so clear. @freyja_wildes
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