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When can I get an ethernet port installed in my cerebellum?

I don't like why this is happening, but I love planning, presenting speeches and getting attention, doing research and learning from people! I love everything about learning how to be a , and I probably wouldn't be doing anything else, anyway!

At 5:00 a.m., I realized I was awake at 4:20 and missed it again. :blob_sweat:

I'm having this weird pain in my upper sternum or breast bone or whatever they're calling it.

My landlord is butt hurt because I was shitting on her affidavit to my hometown peeps. I've seen judges grill people for having shitty affidavits or being irresponsible in court, so if I have a good judge they'll definitely have something to say about this bullshit.

I keep missing 420 right when I'm supposed to say it, but someone might say that's very 420 of me!

Honestly, the landlord thinking they can get away with an hro, while strategically leaving out the detail that they are my landlord in the claims is just as delusional as the fascist Trump supporters that can't handle that their furer has lost the election.

It is referred to as both hydrokinesis and aquakinesis. Just like it is both terrakinesis and geokinesis. You can have Chrolokinesis without having Terrakinesis or vice versa. They're two different things. Geo/Terra is dirty. Chrolo is plants.

Gamers aren’t oppressed but they should be.

I just learned that being sworn in under oath isn't necessarily a thing that happens in hearings. I thought that was with all Court proceedings, but just because you're not under oath doesn't mean it's okay to lie.

I also learned that an attorney can represent an absent party. That means there's a likelihood that my landlord won't attend the hearing. Makes things easier because the attorneys won't have my landlord's personal grudges, and they won't be able to consult on things that are unclear.

My landlord lied about moving out in the rejected harassment lawsuit. I also found a lot of vague descriptions around events, and one-liners from longer messages taken out of context to try to make this harassment lawsuit out of. I'm considering petitioning Minnesota to not allow people to have hearings for rejected harassment lawsuits. This is a waste of time.

I just missed 4:20 but I'm still going to say happy 4:20!

I had to send my DISTURBED emails about keeping the common areas as cat hair free was possible. This area was a damn mess!

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