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Kindness rules everything around me
Get compassion
Universal interdependence, y'all

To the one person following my Oso-mafia fanfic. Thank you. I keep going for you. You will get, read, and this fanfic. I love you!

I'm moving slowly on editing the fanfic, because I'm started writing another one. And, why not take a break from thinking about something?

Did Iran kill it's own people?, Over already? 

So, they're saying there were 30 deaths in the US base bombing, but the Pentagon just said non of them where USA. They could be others, but I doubt it.

Iran said they won't escalate any further unless the USA does.

And, Trump isn't making an address.

I don't think I'm following this anymore, y'all. This is stupid.

Me: *looking at people react in fear of WWIII*

Also me: *Listening to 20 Min- Lil Uzi Vert (Slowed & Reverb) [Instrumental] Prod By Apollo, sipping wine*

They say that black people have less sympathy... I feelin' that.

Spam record: Hi, this is Bill-- Me: I don't know any white men. *click*

It a new year, and I decided I don't give a fuck about my . I started moving around more freely, and they've started talking to me more casually. At least we're not still strangers running from each other. But, we'll never be friends, again. I can only be friends with people that can take criticism.

I have had so much kindness recently! I got pj drinks. Had some much food, and drink. Met great people! And, yesterday, I borrow some money from some friends to pay my phone bill, cuz the home net was cutting off. I would die without !

[fr] Bonjour !
Nous venons de suspendre l’instance car le profil de son administrateur est rempli de messages antisémites.

[en] Hello!
We just suspended because their admin’s profile was full of antisemitic messages.


[fr] Enfin, nous avons suspendu, une instance dont les règles la rattache aux mouvements suprémacistes blancs.

[en] At last, we suspended, a white supremacist instance.


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