@boogah Yeah my solution to this is honestly kind of similar? Except it's putting a thing in the slow cooker before I leave.


Hi Everyone! I just wanted to remind you all that MegaZeux's 25th Anniversary Event is still ongoing and ends on the 31st! Release your game, engine, or demo today and celebrate the engine that gave many people their first taste of game development way back in '94!

@fribbledom what does it say about me that I kind of like this color

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Glad I switched to BitWarden last year.

LastPass is in the midst of a major outage | ZDNet

LastPass issue appears to impact users with accounts dating back to 2014 and earlier.


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now blocks private browsing completely unless you're a subscriber. Combined with my inability to read even one article per month for free due to being on CGNAT, I am livid.

Democracy dies in darkness my ass.

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'marketplace of ideas'
imagine a world where people are so hopelessly trapped inside capitalist thought processes that even the very concept of ideas must be thought of in terms of a marketplace

Yeah it's official, every time I start up any sort of electronica station on Pandora or Spotify, doesn't matter what subgenre, doesn't matter if it's House or Techno or Futurepop or Goa, it will *eventually* end up playing Depeche Mode.

Every. Time.

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How you define your presentation and how that relates to your gender is entirely up to you.

Others may want to force definitions on you that they are most comfortable with, but their opinions mean shit.

It's your understanding of yourself that matters.

#nonbinarypositivity #genderpresentation #nonbinary #lgbtq

@niconiconi Well that isn't completely terrifying or anything.

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@charm @grainloom There have been client-side bugs that enabled evil ssh servers to attack them when connected to. I have no reason to assume that's what you are (I also doubt that there are any effective client-side vulns at the moment) but - why should I connect to your server?

@charm Seeing as all I get from that is "Permission denied (pubkey)", I think y'all need to actually explain what it is you are and what you're doing.

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