Pouet épinglé

In a forest of birch and thorn, a man is running from a shadow...

"I do not recognise this piece of bone at all. You have taken too much. You have repaid nothing."

“In a woody scrub of beech and juniper, game birds, too heavy with feeding, are ripe for the kill.”

"In a wood of oak and lime, hares as fat as hogs are bounding on a southward track."

"In a forest of alder and willow two wild horses are lapping at a pool."

"There is a forest where hornbeam grows in tangles with thorn. In it you will find a deer taller at the shoulder than a tall man."

"In a forest of oak and hazel a giant pig is running on a northward track."

“And for food there are pigs, and hares and deer and horses. There are plumed birds and fat fish. More than enough to keep you from going hungry.”

“In here I have the bones of many beasts, small fragments that I have gathered on my journeys. Not everything is here. But Man is.”

"...I have destroyed a forest in a far-off place and time. Can you hear the howling of the fire? The screaming of the men who run before its flames?"

"Every forest is here, even from before the Ice, and until the next Ice, which a few women have seen by looking into the fire that melts copper. All the woods from every age, here in my hand. If I break a twig, like this..."

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J'entends tout à fait qu'en tant que militant-es féministes on ait besoin d'exprimer de la colère, d'autant qu'en tant que meufs ou ex-meufs on nous a empêché si souvent de nous sentir ek colère. Mais ça ne peut pas être la base de tout ce qu'on fait et de tout ce qu'on ressent ! On s'y brûle.

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Vous savez, les gens, on est pas obligés de faire de la colère la valeur centrale et refuge de notre militantisme, même du militantisme féministe. Il y en a plein d'autres : la compassion, la solidarité, l'espoir... se valoriser par la colère c'est même la valeur la plus patriarcale qui soit je pense. Ça ne fait pas de nous des meilleur-es militant-es, plutôt même ça nous épuise et ça épuise nos camarades et notre entourage. Et ça ne fait pas bouger la partie adverse.

"Le transféminisme et le féminisme lesbien sont souvent considérés comme étant en opposition, mais ils peuvent se transmettre mutuellement des savoirs importants si un dialogue s’engageait."

"Trans feminism and lesbian feminism are often understood to exist in opposition to one another, but there are important lessons they can teach each other if they are willing to engage in dialogue."

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when there's good musicbut you're too shy to dance

“You may be experiencing dramatic change but do not be alarmed. Concentrate on yourself as the anchored centre point around which events in your life churn.”

Describe your ideology in four pictures saved on your phone.

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Q: How do I explain Bitcoin to my grandfather?
A: imagine if keeping your car idling 24/7 produced solved Sudokus you could trade for heroin

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