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We considered ourselves to be a powerful culture.

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I read the tube lines in a palm.
I read the divination of a spilled bin bag. I know these city foxes like I know
myself, we're eating things that are bad for us,
we're howling at people who are always leaving.
The city rests on top of a promise of better things,
and I.

#poetry #corvusrobotica

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Moonlight may be obtained by hanging a well-prepared mirror on a tree during the full of the moon and distilling the dew which forms on its surface.

(This one’s clearer than most but I still have trouble finding meaningful interpretations most of the time. Maybe if I start thinking of it as the hand I’m given to play instead of a comment on the state of things?)

Two cards fell out of the deck when I was shuffling for today’s draw, so I guess this is today’s reading.

It was a mistake to believe that other people were not living as deeply as you were. Besides, you were not even living that deeply.

It is a notion of Men that Time should be divided; this they do in order to remember and order their lives. But this is an invention of Men, and Time is not, itself, divided in any fashion.

A withered heart makes an ugly thin ghost, says Mr. Simpkins.

Pushing it around like the shadows of evolution in the dark

What you call the indifference of nature is your own lack of compassion.

Ismene: well we all think you’re a grand girl
Antigone: is this an argument
Ismene: I can help you suffer
Antigone: no
Ismene: I can give you reasons not to die
Antigone: no

It was an interior that was familiar to me

Those lazy curls of smoke above the city,
black wormholes in the air of noontime's bright Ground Zero;
Did they tell you what you wanted to be told?

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