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Moondream a partagé

also, be kind

kindness requires more strength than cruelty

even though it is sometimes necessary

be strong enough to be kind and cruel, friends

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all i want in this world is for my people to survive

sometimes that includes crime

do crime, friends

i love you

Today's card is the apprentice of vials, reversed. Immaturity, frustration, temper, sadness. "Stupid stupid stupid! Left my body but kept this idiot human brain wracked with all these moronic thoughts and flaws."

...relatable, but let's see if I can do better than that today.

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Gender, selfie, coffee Afficher plus

"The promise of the internet and neoliberalism is that everyone gets to be a cop." [sexual assault mention] Afficher plus

Privilege is not a ladder. You can have privilege and still experience oppression. You can be privileged in ways other people aren’t, even when their lives are sometimes easier than yours.

Binary privilege is pronouns already on the form (and in the mouths of people who greet you). Binary privilege is the possibility of passing, if you want to. Binary privilege is existing labels you can use, even if you have to fight to get them recognised. And binary privilege is acceptance and solidarity from binary trans people, apparently.

(Actually, let me promote these from replies to toots.)

Tough day at work (had to come in even though I was going to take the day off sick) but at least I have the Supervisor of Vials on my side. Intuition. Compassion. Empathy. Calm.

(Tfw there’s discourse happening and you don’t like the look of it but your French isn’t good enough to get the nuance.)

(Apparently I had a typo in that for two months while it sat as a pinned toot in my profile. I am not a natural proofreader.)

Daily reminder that non-binary and agender people are valid and deserve our solidarity and support.

“Seven years ago today, I received the book about the hidden plateau. Inside was a handwritten map with instructions. Go here, smoke this weed. Go here, drink from this stream. Sleep here, dream about the world. I did it all.
I should be in Kashmir by now, but I know I’m not. I know because at the second peak, the mountains stretched in all directions for as far as I could see. Endless. So I keep wandering west, certain I have slipped from the world of men forever.”

Today's card is the Seven of Wires, reversed, which gives me a choice between "You may be overly defensive and it is possible you've taken on too much" and "Swarm me as you will, ants. I'll take as many of you with me as I can before I see my tower claimed by the likes of you".

Moondream a partagé
Moondream a partagé

Marché des fiertés de Paris :heart_pride:

Finally got my copy of Becoming Dangerous. It came with a bookplate, which I’ve filled in with my new chosen names. A small ritual, but significant.

Today's card is the Agent of Wires. Energy. Passion. Impulsiveness. "I take care of things while you all stand around discussing the fine details."
A good day to find things to do that are more fun than work, perhaps.

Today's card is the Executive of Vials. Balance. Generosity. Emotional intelligence. ""Maintain composure. Without a collected self, you can't do anyone else any good."

“When there was nowhere left to go, I went west. Twenty-six days before, I saw my last road - nothing more than a dirt track, really - and I went past it, and up. Two mountains. A river so large I didn’t think I'd be able to cross it. A field of yellowed grass as far as I could see. Now, here is here. And still the world goes west. My sat-phone stopped working somewhere before Rikaze and I threw it away. I haven’t eaten since the road, but I feel fine. The map said as much.”