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Remote work search 

Looking for work still, dont have any skills in particular but i have little income and lots of free time

Apprenticeships and such would work great

Lmk if u know any opportunities out there for me. Plz 😿

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Why is there not just a fuckin web app i can drag and drop icons and get a super basic icon pack apk

Searching a bunch of words and cant find a subreddit bigger than 10k or something

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Fucking weird question but can someone find me the subreddit for mail/post/shipping

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Hopefully the last begpost in a while, but bills & debt are piling up and I'm just not coping. I also need to buy food etc.

£500 would cover me until my payrise kicks in, or £300 would cover the next month. I hate having to do this but I have no other choice.

Please boost etc if you can 💖

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Please please boost if you can 💕 very much at my wits end

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Can i borrow several terabytes from anyone

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⚠️ Job search, please boost! (redraft) 

Still looking for a job over here! I've got a comp sci degree and about a year and a half work experience as an automated software test engineer. Based in MN. Please let me know if you have openings, can send a referral, etc. Full remote would be preferred!

If you want more info you can visit my site
If you need a resume please DM and I'll send one over promptly

Thank y'all so much, even just boosting helps a lot! 🖤 #GetFediHired

I'm at the internet festival, why do they keep asking for my id????

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everyone should take a sippy of water honestly

hydrate, lovelies 💜

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it turned itself into a kitten, fluffiest shit ive ever seen
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custom printing recommendation in the US 

Anyone have good recs on where I can get a digital file printed, like say around 18x24 on mat or gloss?

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lucky patcher and cheatengine feel like the same gender of software

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France is facing massive droughts, but golf greens have been exempted from water restrictions; so climate activists went to golf courses and filled the holes with concrete! #StopGolf

a joke maybe idk 

It's supposed to be Ethical ddos protection

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