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Can my white followers tweet “Malcolm x was right about white people” I wanna see what your replies will look like

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Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Apparently V responded to my thread on stream and managed to call me both anti-Black, pro segregation, and anti-white in the same segment 🥶 Wild.

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PSA for anyone considering getting a smartwatch who also happens to have a tattooed wrist or wrists 

if your wrists are tattooed the galaxy watch WILL NOT WORK

it has a little hearbeat sensor thingy that gets all fucked up by ink

it'll constantly turn off thinking it's not on your wrist

thankfully only one of mine is tatted, but, if you've got both or just prefer wearing watches on a specific arm... be warned!


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PLS RT to all your youtube frens 👭🎂🍦🍔

"How to get your YT channel on Odysee"

no manual labor required

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The quick-change batteries, safety cutout, wifi control, etc make plenty of sense for the ADVERTISED usage cases of disaster recovery, warehousing, power plant maintenance, HAZMAT, EOD, etc as this isn't even supposed to get within 2 meters of anyone while running.

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Ostensibly, Spot was never meant to see combat - at least the current iteration of it.

There is, of course, military versions in the works that probably get rid of most of these vulnerabilities but police departments are buying the civilian ones just cause they can.

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Deauthers start at $13 dollars from shady companies, $25 for standalone units
2.4 GHz can be jammed with a $32 white noise fm generator, hacked coax cable, & 8 AA or AAA batteries. Can add in an amplifier starting at $6 plus batteries, antennas start at $4

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no i don’t think black kids should have to go to class after another black man has been slain by this police state. do black people ever get the time to mourn???

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Trust me, Zadok was righteous. Please share this post.

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murder of a Black person, police 

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Atlanta, GA: On April 12,2021 the DeKalb county police killed my little brother in his own home. Based on current GBI reports, it seems he was allowed to JUST die. The Media has shared lies from the police, saying my brother entered an abandoned home with a knife.

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as a trans person can cis allies fucking please stop compare and contrasting what we face with racism as if larger wh¡te society gives out consequences worth a damn for either one twitter.com/mbrockenbrough/sta

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people are really trying to use virgin as an insult but "wokely"

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The same portion of leftist Twitter harassing me about not trusting nazis and yt leftist Twitter in general is sure oddly silent about Black liberation right now 🥴🥴

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My brother Freddie stopped driving a few years ago because the police stops were too anxiety inducing. My brother Mark returned his Lexus to the dealer for a different car. He told me "I keep getting stopped. They don't think this is my car." Sit with this for a minute.

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yo why the fuck do some of my chillest mutuals follow this person r u serious? twitter.com/dysnomiasys/status

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@HendoSlice@twitter.com @modernistwitch@twitter.com gun control just rids communities who need to protect themselves of guns. Like Native Americans. War on Drugs didn't end drugs, metal detectors in schools aren't stopping school shootings. It just ensures cops and rich people a higher percentage of munitions.

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@modernistwitch@twitter.com Aka, "We shouldn't get rid of cops' guns; we should get rid of cops." /lh

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