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hey guys! i'm a little baby gay who doesn't know her rights from lefts because I have dyspraxia. I made this account because my friend is on here! I'm looking forward to meeting all of you!! You guys are all wonderful and deserve to be loved!

Stuff I like:
-contemporary poetry
-witches and witch culture
-D&D(I'm a DM, but can't do math)
-thrift stores
-reallll bad movies
-chinese language and culture(not chinese, but I like studying it because it's beautiful)


'Listening to' is a much better way of saying you have subcribed to someone's posts on here than 'following'.

and this isn't just about gender or sexuality, it's also about class, race, and abledness. they're all intertwined, both historically and currently. it's possible for white, middle class queers to buy themselves into a position where they're not at least called slurs to their face, but that's fragile and it's complicity. you fundamentally can't address queerness without also addressing all the other things. the struggle is not isolated: we're all liberated, or none of us are

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there's no equilibrium state between queerness and cishetness. there's no set of 'real' genders or sexualities that could exist as stable counterpoints to the normative, heterosexual binary. queerness is a state of difference from the norm, and the norm exists thru and for the repression of everyone who falls outside it

*spends 5 minutes trying to open a push notification in the wrong direction* it's locked

the difference between global state communism and anarcho communism is the ability to say "no".

i don’t have the power to wish words out of existence but i can at least tell you i really don’t like to hear ‘sociopath’, ‘psychopath’ and ‘narcissist’ thrown around. you can dislike people who have been mean or inconsiderate to you, you owe them nothing. but when you diagnose them and agree they should all be frozen out, you hurt others unintentionally. i am one of them. thank you

instead of doing literally any of this just pay black people lol

The slippery slope is called a fallacy for a reason. There is no slippery slope. Banning or shunning negative or harmful things will not necessarily result in the banning or shunning of positive or beneficial things. This is not how it works.

If the government sees something as a threat to order or morals, they ban it, or at least try to. There is no mythical "slippery slope" you travel down, and if things are going down the "slippery slope," that means we're under tyranny anyway and it really doesn't matter because we have crossed the line into oppression the likes of which few white people have truly experienced in their lifetimes. It's that simple.

You don’t choose your special interest. Your special interest chooses you :)

I hate capitalism but my new special interest is a store. Help?

Me, spinning the roulette wheel to see which high school friend I’m gonna develop an intense crush on next

Can someone explain who ben lubar is and why everyone’s trashing him? I’ve seen him on my timeline a couple of times, and I genuinely don’t know what’s going on

bullying of an autistic friend, sad 

Man I just remembered how, when I was in 10th grade, my music teacher accused my friend of being a school shooter because she has autism. Why can’t people be better?

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