bullying of an autistic friend, sad 

Man I just remembered how, when I was in 10th grade, my music teacher accused my friend of being a school shooter because she has autism. Why can’t people be better?

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re: bullying of an autistic friend, sad. 

@glitteringtrees haha get it? bc all autistic people are devoid of emotions and just heartless, calculated monsters! haha so true so fun haha /s

I get so tired of ppl thinking I'm any less of a person of a person for having autism of being trans or having my other mental illnesses. it sux. I mean, my own parents practically hid my diagnosis so that I didn't get put in remedial classes or put in therapy bc I was "too smart" for that.

now I'm fucked lmao

re: bullying of an autistic friend, sad. 

@091719 I’m sorry that happened to you :(. Parents need to be fully prepared for their potential child to be autistic, and they need to help their autistic child cope with sensory issue. Concealing the fact that you are autistic is just so damn hurtful to your development

re: bullying of an autistic friend, sad. 

@glitteringtrees well they were prepared for the possibility too bc my brother is a "low-functioning" autist and there's always been suspicion that my father had it. there just always was a denial to matters with me. my father believed me being trans was a stunt, my parents didn't want to disclose my autism to me, I couldn't have bulimia bc it was a "girl's disease"

just a bunch of bullshit tbh

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