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New for this year 🐢

I'm mæ, twenty-something, trying to figure out what I want my life to be like while it's running out in front of me

Interests include art, philosophy, feminism, antiracism, and all similar/related struggles. Always trying to be curious, ready to learn from others, and to teach and share what I can. I'm the person in the back of the room screaming "decolonize!", and your asexual pal. :flag_asexual:

Même si c'est une comédie romantique, je ne regretterai jamais d'avoir regardé Always be my maybe, parce que :

- c'est une bonne comédie romantique (chose très rare!)
- elle justifie la chanson "I Punched Keanu Reeves" qui est géniale :

d'ailleurs je vais le mettre dans ma liste , j'aime bien ce que fait Nahnatchka Kahn

tu m'as manqué tellement tellement

je comprends ça, moi aussi

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allez chante un peu, ça va déjà mieux

peut-être oui, mais je suis à la laverie là, même si je suis toute seule c'est tout vitré

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Je voudrais parler de comment on se blesse, même entre nous, comment subir une oppression ne nous empêche pas d’en reproduire d’autres (voir même de reproduire la nôtre).
Mais pour aucun de ces problèmes, je n’ai de solution.
Je n’ai que mon art et mes mots.
Je n’ai que ma rage qui semble parfois tellement déplacée, elle qui se déchaine sur la goutte d’eau qui fait déborder le vase.
Pardonnez-moi, mes chèr·es : j’ai le droit d’être en colère.


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je te donne ce que j'ai, ce que je vaux

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hello !!! My name iz Samaël , I'm french but I speak English too ! I love making art (drawing , painting , animating) I'm 16yo, I hate the government and have a need for a revolution. I'm gonna stay here instead of Twitter bc it made me too angry. U can know more about me in my bio and my carrd :)

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Hi there~
Learning languages, digital art, and cooking are my current hobbies.

Not a big fan of SNS, and decided to try Mastodon because I have been tired of centralized platforms.

Sometimes I jump from one idea to another idea, especially my brain find some things are correlated: hopefully I can call this “brainstorming”.

One another goal: trying to become an introvert, or keep an introverted lifestyle.

(Let me see…what should I put next—to be continued…

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Unskilled labor is a myth that employers use as an excuse to pay workers less.

Any labor takes some amount of skill to do. Just because quote-unquote "anyone can do it" doesn't make it unskilled. And what's more, many "unskilled jobs" are imperative to our society and its functioning. They are as important as, if not more than, the work of managers, executives, and "higher-ups."

Fuck anyone who puts you down by telling you that your work is unskilled or deserves to be exploited more. Your work is valuable. And so are you.

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In the very first episode of "Maintenance Phase", hosts Aubrey Gordon and Mickael Hobbes talk about what the show is about: debunking myths about physical health and wellness.

They talked a lot about fatness and fatphobia, in an uplifting way? Basically saying:
- don't tell fat people to lose weight, it almost never works, on the contrary.
- weight and health are very different!
- the word "fat" isn't an insult, use it instead of cringy euphemisms.

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Just made my account today. I'm so excited to meet you all and try out a decentralized social media server. and are big interests for me. Gonna fill out my profile later.

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Hi everyone, I'm new to distributed social networks! Interested in sharing and other stuff in a less capitalist way.

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Please, don’t forget to be kind to each other. I know it’s hard sometimes.

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on asking/giving pronouns 

An interesting thread on the habit of asking for pronouns and what allies are often doing wrong:

"Giving pronouns is good because it implicitly challenges the idea that pronouns (and by extension, gender) can be reliably inferred by appearance. Pretty basic point. But."

"If you only tidy away the cisnormativity when there’s company present, then, that’s a problem."

"[being asked pronouns] can be awkward and difficult for anyone who isn’t sure"

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Please include subtitles in your videos, at least in your language ;_;

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Food vegan ask 

Je peux faire quoi avec mon tofu soyeux comme gâteau ?

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J'aimerais nourrir les oiseaux dans le jardin.
Mais la majorité des boules de graisse et autres trucs pour alimenter les oiseaux achetables dans le commerce contiennent des choses toxiques.

Vous connaissez des recettes pour composer soi-même des sortes de boules de graisse ?
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"abandon all hope all ye who enter" is the canonical first content warning

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Yo ! Je regroupe dans ce toot les fiches de Florence Dellerie qui synthétique les informations sur la vitamine B12 et sur la veg 1

Je mets également un deuxième toot avec des fiches qui parlent principalement de ce qui est de la rhétorique ^^

page et site de l'autrice où vous retrouverez les sources :blob_cat_mlem: :

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