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I have a full length flute piece on PeerTube:

This is what I've been working on for two months now. ☺️ Take a listen, confuse your pets, enchant your neighbors and join my legion of the d a r k

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New boundary rule to DM me before you request to follow! 🚨 Not sure if troll coming after me for talking out of my ass or friendly, especially if I haven't interacted with you to confirm.

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you ever think about how three cheers for sweet revenge came out 15 years ago and it is still a banger?

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I guess it didn't seem clear but :flag_genderqueer: :flag_nonbinary: :marble_genderqueer: :marble_nonbinary: is my happy place.

A lot of Instagram comments are basically people getting screwed out of Christmas gifts that they'd ordered for others before or on Black Friday. I placed my order a full week *before* black friday and still didn't work out for me.

The hoodie I *did* receive was nice, but it's too risky to literally pay money on the gamble of maybe receiving what you asked for and maybe not.

So I filed a bank claim to get a refund since they won't answer me. 😒

My order was marked as shipped but the delivery was missing an item (that was in stock at the time I bought it) and the packing list said "Contact Customer" which they didn't so I emailed them twice with no response and messaged them on Instagram and through their web portal.

Turns out this isn't a one time thing, they have a history of charging but not sending shit and also not communicating.

Hi friends. Don't order from Blackcraft Cult 😔 They aren't good at order fulfillment or communication.

This is a positive because it is easy to pronounce and also I enjoy pretending to summon demons when I read off ingredients at the supermarket.

Trying to translate kidosokeri, mannapuuro, joulunaika, and Google translate keeps suggesting from Japanese.

The Finnish language sounds like Japanese but make it satanic.

Like we all know metalheads aren't all doom and gloom all the time, but he is the contrast-iest.

Dani Davey is such a funny character because he's like dad of extreme symphonic metal but also he's playing hungry hippos with kiddos in full costume and calling himself a "silly sausage" because he forgot his tickets to a Nightmare Before Christmas show

I've cultivated my wardrobe to wear everything looks really put together but really I just grabbed the jacket with my keys on it and a hat because my wig lace is a mess and tadaaaaaaa

Children of Bodom didn't have to go so hard in "In Your Face" but I'm glad they did.

mention of a predator 

mention of a predator 

mention of a predator 

Me: Do you know how to grill?

Honey: I have theoretical knowledge but I'm gonna round that to a "no."

Me: What is the point of dating a white man if you don't even know how to grill?

Honey: Well, you should've dated a Texan then. I'm french. We don't grill. We love. *strikes a pose*

Do you ever just wake up and want to listen to Children of Bodom?

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