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I am your demon prince and I demand to be w o r s h i p p e d

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Maybe I don't know this character because I'm not supposed to? Or maybe this is a cop out because shit is just too complicated?

*argues with my fictional characters* why won't you act right?

Deep down I'm a sucker for adventure stories where the protagonist isn't the one from prophecies, isn't some super ~powerful~ magical being but like their friend whose power and resilience is surviving all this shit with a level head and some good ole fashioned compassion

K the story is now from Fox's perspective because clearly their story's the loudest thanks 🦊

I started my story with this demoness who considers herself a goddess, rising from the prison she was trapped in to seek revenge and now I'm fixated on Fox, the chaotic neutral enby werewolf who's here for fun and fucking shit up help

Taking Benadryl bc itchy and going to sit to catch up on work.

Who's gonna win?

(I taught toddler cousin how to burn leaves with a magnifying glass. It was a science lesson.)

*accidentally lets slip that I'm not allowed to babysit in my family anymore*

Me during a group hangout with my coworkers talking about the days of our youth: *smiles* I remember my first wall of death.

Me during a coffee break: I mean, some call it a pyro phase but I considered it communing with nature.

Me casually during lunch: Who doesn't know how to pick a lock these days?

*opens packages with my big scary pocket knife in front of coworkers so they know not to fuck with me*

I can be happy-go-lucky while setting boundaries your ass can't cross. 💁🏽‍♀️

I can be happy-go-lucky while I steal your clients and your job.

People take my happy-go-lucky and optimistic and goofy behavior and assume that I have no idea what I'm talking about and childish and therefore easy to dismiss. It's really bad form.

*Throws a rock at everyone who mentions them white suffragettes and the fucking Seneca Falls bullshit*

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