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*puts hands in pockets*

*feels crystal in one hand, pocket knife in the other*

*smiles to self*

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It is so hard not to let your opinions of people color how you interact with them professionally.

5 years and he just now told me, "You know that's not a real expression, right?"

*takes a French boy as my lover*

*Only knows "C'est la fin de ma vie" *

"The best way to learn a foreign language is to find a lover."

The lies!!!!!

I do plan on going on a cemetery walk during our upcoming vacation so she has a point :blob_thinking_smirk:

This all started because she thought the photo of us at the Panthéon was the Notre Dame and I had to explain to her what the Panthéon was.

Not all of our dates involve dead people. Just like, 60% of the big ones.

My mom just now: Why do all of your dates involve dead people?

this toot is a call out post for my laptop

always dying every time i sit down to write

Anyone know how to get pen out of a white jacket? Fabric is polyester.

"I am choosing me today. I hope you understand, for I care not to explain further."

sis WHAT

This is not going according to plan. Also, she's fleeing town and I didn't plot for that either.

I hit 15,000 words today and my narrator has decided to be a fucking anti-hero.

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