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In true fae fashion, here is a snippet of the new dark and ethereal piece I'm working on.

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oh yeah, in case you didn't know, i'm not a girl or a woman, i am stardust and ethereal moonlight occupying a confusing human body that i don't particularly agree with.

the murderer has the thief at knifepoint so OBVIOUSLY one of them has to start flirting i don't make the rules

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i'm speed-drafting this wip and accidentally took a detour into murder lesbian romance arc :blob_cat_peek:

She recommends them for writers in any stage, being seasoned writers struggling with various issues, or people who want to get started but don't know how/where.

Unfortunately, I don't know and can't figure out how to hack to share the book, but I already have detailed notes on her exercises so I can at least share those.

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I'm taking notes on a list of writing exercises recommended by Julia Cameron in her book "The Right to Write." Would it interest anyone having those exercises?

(They are not genre or use case specific. It is just for people who want to write anything at all, like to write anything at all, or are interested in getting started.)

Is there a way to NOT have AVG appending


to every email I send in gmail*?

*don't fucking tell me not to use gmail, it's not a personal choice, it's required by my company fuck off.

The real reason I got a second nose piercing is to double the excuses I have for picking my nose.

"Athena hates Medusa"


that's what the white man wants you to believe

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Also, Odysseus is a great fighter I feel kinda bad for having to kick his ass when we could be homies

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I'm still playing Immortals Fenyx Rising which manifests as strong objections every time I have to defeat Medusa.

honestly i don't mind linux and actually prefer it in some use cases but the way people evangelize it makes me want to avoid out of spite

the great thing about 2021 is that i have no qualms about throwing hands and being the black femme with an Attitude

I figured it out!!!!

This $1000+ piece of shit can't do bluetooth and wifi at the same time OMFG

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I have restarted it for a fourth time today and tried Firefox instead of Chrome and now everything is frozen hahahahahah hahahahahah I fucking hate these devices why does mac have a monopoly on fucking design software

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Every work say, I have to restart this MBP and tweak and play with it like 4 times to get it to connect, which is a 30 min time suck that makes me want to throw it out a window.

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Any computer gurus able to give me tips or advice? I have a Macbook Pro that I have to use for work, and every day, when I turn it on, it fights with the internet. If I wake it up from sleep mode, it cannot find a connection. When I restart, it finds the connection but has DNS and firewall issues and refuses to connect.

My personal PC (an Asus using Windows) doesn't have this problem at all, neither do any of the other devices on our network.

What do I dooooo?

i was led to believe that there would be a stimmy and uh

i do not have it so where is it

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other than american gods, i've mostly looked at short books as a follow up to the nightmare of crescent city

i cannt be stuck in book limbo, reading 800 pages, counting down the percentage, waiting for something to happen

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if i am to start something new, should it be (3/3):

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