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Learning a new piece and I have to be sweet. Playing in my new cuffs and collars. ❣️

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New boundary rule to DM me before you request to follow! 🚨 Not sure if troll coming after me for talking out of my ass or friendly, especially if I haven't interacted with you to confirm.

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you ever think about how three cheers for sweet revenge came out 15 years ago and it is still a banger?

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It's been a while since I've posted a flutey tooty boi snippet. ☺️ This is the latest étude I've mastered.

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My favorite thing ever is that look dogs give you when your coat is on but you haven't grabbed the leash or gone outside yet.

My coworker is telling me all the details about her dog that I'm about to watch for the weekend and she goes:

He doesn't like direct sunlight and he's also a picky eater.

Fucking same, doggo. Same.

I may try avanto while I'm there (ice bathing after sauna) 🤔

I like saunas and salmiakki and people leaving me alone, mind ya business.

Every person ever when I mention (another) trip to Helsinki:

"Oh... 😬 Do you, like, know people there or like 🤨 why??? 😨 Stockholm is pretty nice 🤭"

So I let my hair do what it wants. And it's thick and probably a little dangerous. A bicep and comb destroyer.

But so lovely.

It wasn't until money and working full time *forced* me to stop. I couldn't afford to go to a salon anymore. And I didn't have time to do and maintain a relaxed hairstyle myself. So I had to stop.

And my hair, which even professionals confirm is unruly, somehow flourished with the absence of control.

Growing up, being socialized as a black girl, I needed my hair to be silky straight and long, but instead I was given kinky curly and thick and unmanageable.

For so long, I grew into my identity (and sometimes am still evolving my identity) with straight hair. Always.

This entire week, I've had a good hair day with my own, natural, grows-out-of-my-scalp-this-way hair. A week! Multiple days straight! Without refreshing or hiding or sighing or whining in frustration!!!

I'm having a poop week but here is a snapshot of doggo best buds cuddling.

Hi I'm guerrilla and I'm spooky enby so all of you who have crushes on me are officially :gay:

My least favorite plot device is miscommunication because all they have to do is explain!!!!!! and they don't but that is exactly why it is effective and stressful.

What are some of your favorite Halloween and/or horror movies? Feel free to geek out wild in my mentions ☺️

Me: *minding my cute ole business, giving doggo rubs*

My director: We need to get Guerrilla involved immediately.

Me: *tries to hide*

The downside to making yourself indispensable in a job setting is that, while yes they can't function without you...

They can't function without you so you still have to deal with the clients you want to avoid. 😭

"I'm sorry if you were offended by me singing a song I like!!!!" is not an apology for using a racial slur, Gina.

Gina Rodriguez (star of Jane the Virgin) used the n-word and posted a daft ass apology I'm tired.

What is the beef between cryptids and kin? aren't cryptids kin???? Am confused.

Honestly the best thing about having big fluffy curly hair is that I can do the bare minimum and still look presentable.

Me: *rolls out of bed*

Literally every white person: Wow!!!! Your hair looks amazing!!!! How long did it take you to do that?!

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