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Hiding for eye contact, but I put my hipster ass filter on my headshot from the vampire ball red carpet and wow oh wow look at me!!!!

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oh yeah, in case you didn't know, i'm not a girl or a woman, i am stardust and ethereal moonlight occupying a confusing human body that i don't particularly agree with.

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Co-star is a strange ass app what is this notification????

white people on social media: I spy something BROWN. Post an image of the first thing brown in your photo library.

me: *posts a selfie looking bored at their antics*

Nobody *wants* their identity to be political. Nobody is looking to be oppressed. We just wanna eat plantains and watch the sunrise.

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somebody got in my mentions, yelled at me, and then blocked me lmaoooooo

i don't make the rules. white people made whiteness political. cis people made cis-ness political. the heteros made sexuality political. and us all being in opposite to that means we too have been made political.

so don't project your tears onto me, go fight a white man and let me get on with my day

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if you're gonna pop off at the mouth, say it with ya chest!!

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*imagining my ancestors on plantations rubbing their hands together with "im about to be the hottest topic in congress, watch" like that was a voluntary thing*

that's how yall sound

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"Identity politics" even the title is trash because


so like, yah no shit. Thanks for stating the obvious. Being black is political. Being gay is political. Being trans is political. Being Jewish is political. That's the world we live in and we certainly didn't make it this way.

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Complaining about "identity politics" means that you don't have a trump card in conversations about systemic experiences and it makes you mad. It's you projecting your feelings of guilt on vulnerable people because you can't do shit else lmao

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I love when people complain about id-pol because it's a giant glowing sign that says "Block me!!!!!"

Something that isn't the creepy Google thing or Siri or Alexa.

I don't need it memorizing my locations I just need to know what fucking day it is.

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Are there any good digital assistance or digest services that will help me keep track of my calendar or action items? Like

"Good Morning, Guerrilla. Today is Wednesday, April 1st and here's all the meetings you have today and here's all the shit you need to do."

me: Tom Nook is a scammer and I'm about to throw him into the sea.

also me: So anyway, play Animal Crossing :blob_smile_hearts:

And now I'm about to build a bridge to cover up HIS bullshit while he plays fucking mini golf

And he out here convincing y'all he's a comrade NAH

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I was trying not to hate Tom Nook, I've really been trying. I helped fund that fucking store and attended all the celebrations. I decorated the town center with hundreds of flowers.

And then his ass had to start up with the covert whispers and the LIES.

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My point here was that racists have blindspots and aren't always racist to everyone and also don't realize how their politics affect the way that they interact with the world.

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