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JAPANESE MASTODON: Well-adjusted, polite people talking about stuff like video game strats and food

FRENCH/GERMAN MASTODON: Educated, politically oriented people talking about national politics and sharing news articles

SPANISH MASTODON: literal pictures of Shrek's hog

ENGLISH MASTODON: c h e e b s b e b o r b g e r

(marie antionette voice) let them eat ass

recommended artist attitudes

💛 shame is for the weak

🧡 you worked for your skill, no one gets a vote in what you do with it

❤️ share with the crowd that wants to be here, not for the crowd that doesn't

💖 love your art so much others have to compete to love it more

Watching human #babies is making me wonder two things.

1) Are we the only primates who cry? Wail and produce tears. Do any other primates do this?

2) How did we ever survive as a species when our children could at any moment spontaneously burst into the loudest high-pitched wailing ever. Wouldn't some wild animal have decided this was the right time to kill us?

3) Why are babies' heads so big?

It's a good thing the little monsters are so cute.

This is a solid ass read newyorker.com/culture/cultural

This line:
"The trick of “white voice,” a folkloric joke among black people, becomes, in Riley’s film, a path to self-debasement."

I will not be satisfied until I can fuck some shit up to "Lucifer", god damn it.

The lack of Shinee on Beat Saver is a crime that I don't think I'll ever get over.

reminder that TERF stands for trans exclusionary reactionary fuckwit because there's nothing radical or feminist about being a transphobe

@guerrillarain I made it available as an userstyle (like a browser add-on) too.

gist.github.com/wryk/ed26bbd13 (it only need a little change to works on other instances. But I think I can allow them to works on any instance now)

The paradox of EBT:

Make less money to qualify for more food which isn’t ever enough, which means you need to make more money and get less food.

Also, I feel really bad ass having :sigil: 666 :sigil: followers.

I see a lot of people complain about "popular accounts" and that shouldn't be a problem here. It shouldn't matter. It's hard to stop caring when it's just thrown in your face.

Other instances should adopt Eldritch.Cafe / Witches.Town's 666 followers mask.

When I first joined Masto, I went to WT and was bitter about not having a lot of followers and then the follower mask started and I stopped caring about quantity and more... quality and being myself. I stopped caring about popularity (bc you can't tell!) and more about fun.

One of the reasons I came to EC.

Come to eldritch.cafe:
+ we are :gay:
+ we have a purple theme
+ we speak French
- we speak French
- there is an abomination from another dimension in the bathroom (but we're working on it)

@guerrillarain @alice Isn't this usually the publisher's job, why are they dragging their asses on a game that seems kinda like it would be good on the platform

Since we have a wave of newbies, let's get spooky!

Hiya, I'm Guerrilla Rain, but you can call me Guerrilla.

I like and and and and and and making fun of my clients.

- I am unapologetically pro-black.
- I am a writer who puts off writing to play video games (currently in love with Death Road to Canada and Beat Saber).
- Can communicate in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese.
- INTP-A and a Sagittarius

@guerrillarain What? Oh no, auto-completion is at it again!

It was my pleasure ^^.

world's most cliché novel moodboard and i don't even care