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I have a full length flute piece on PeerTube:

This is what I've been working on for two months now. ☺️ Take a listen, confuse your pets, enchant your neighbors and join my legion of the d a r k

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New boundary rule to DM me before you request to follow! 🚨 Not sure if troll coming after me for talking out of my ass or friendly, especially if I haven't interacted with you to confirm.

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US pol, impeachment question 

rice milk is my favorite but idk how well it goes in protein shakes

Does anyone have any recommendations for tasty milk alternatives to put in protein shakes?

I've seen a lot of people use almond milk but does anyone have experience with oat or rice milks?

Has anyone used Superhi for online coding and design courses? Thoughts?

Sincerely, I'm sick of people spelling my goddamn name wrong when it's RIGHT. THERE.

If you are emailing with someone, this is no reason to spell their name wrong. Repeatedly.

Like, just copy and paste.

Show some shred of giving a fuck about respecting people's names.

(This toot is a joke. She likes to nip at me and run away so that I chase her and we play. It just looked a little incriminating with me crawling around some desks because the dog is hiding and nipping at my hands.)

Look, she bit me and ran away. Stinky pup and I've got beef.

Me: *crawling under desks*

My boss, walking by slowly: What are you doing to my dog?

A beautiful gem where The New Yorker tells me that they need "account confirmation" from me which is really them trying to trick me into re-enabling my subscription with auto renewal. 😒

Your flautist bae is back! This is a new piece I've been working on, Romance by Camille Saint-Saëns. This piece is particularly a challenge because, though slow and soulful, the flute has a tendency to go really flat with low notes. Also, working on strengthening my core to give my vibrato more control. ☺️ But I like how it's coming along.

*puts on boxing gloves* come and fight me Chaminade!!!!!!!!

I'd take her down when the revolution comes but she doesn't even live in the fucking state!!! I've never actually met her, seen, or heard her.

Landlords are immoral and I have being subject to their evil follies really takes a toll on me.

Housing is a basic necessity for life!!! It's immoral to have surplus and charge for it!!!! And your ass isn't even maintaining the motherfucker!!!!

*resists the urge to call my landlord a "vicious bloodsucking leech from the pits of hell" in an email asking if we can have a cat*

DBZ was hot when I was like less than 10 years old, it didn't click

At some point during my Japanese studies I realized that the characters of Dragonball are named after foods and random objects like you have Vegeta and Taburu and you get vegetable and then there's Bibidi and Babadi and Majin Buu and Piccolo and fucking Piano and it still gets me to this day

It's extremely biphobic that I don't have a motorcycle right now. Come on, universe!!!

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