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Kick-starting this thread of books and stories I've heard this year, with a review or log or something for those interested. 📚🌸

My goal is to read at least 52 stories this year, and I'm specifying stories because some are short stories, some are novellas, and some are 742-page bricks (looking at you, Mr. Gaiman). Some are rereads, some are first time reads, old, new, contemporary, horror, romance, fantasy, and *gasp* sci-fi? We'll see.

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oh yeah, in case you didn't know, i'm not a girl or a woman, i am stardust and ethereal moonlight occupying a confusing human body that i don't particularly agree with.

i accidentally fell back into the inescapable hole that is

maitre gims

(61/52) THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY by Oscar Wilde

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 (of course)

This is a reread for the bajillionth time. I love it all, the prose, the rendering of setting, musings on morality, art, and pretty privilege, the rich characters in Basil, Henry, and Dorian. They are dramatic and insufferable. Dorian said, "Consequences???? To my actions???? Gasp!"

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(60/52) SOUR CANDY by Kealan Patrick Burke

A horror novella about a man named Phil who comes across a kid throwing a temper tantrum in a Walmart. The kid offers him a piece of sour candy, and he takes it to be polite, and next thing you know that kid is in his house, calling him daddy. His entire past and present have been rewritten so that everything points to him having a kid he KNOWS he doesn't have.

Also, the kid is creepy as hell, and Phil becomes a prisoner in his own new life.

I suspected this book would be fire from the beginning, and I'm glad to say it exceeded expectations. It has a creepy child, eldritch beings, body horror (cw if you have a thing about teeth falling out), and such impressive, palpable tension packed into just 107 pages. Definitely will read more from this author.

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"Yes, I could confess to murder, but I could also just destroy the painting. :thinknyan: " - Dorian

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"I mean yeah sure I only refused to ruin that girl's life because I was curious, but that counts right????? So why is there more blood on my hands?????? I didn't kill those last two men with my own hands!!" - Dorian

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Dorian Gray not feeling guilty or ashamed of THREE DEATHS being his fault, but mad the painting doesn't give him credit for deciding not to be a womanizer one (1) time 💀💀

"your name is a sin
i breathe, like oxygen
caught in the careless
arms of lust again
nobody else can pull me out"


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"seems your heart is locked up,
and i still get the combination
or are you simply waiting
to save your love for someone i am
too many swallowed keys
will make you bleed internally some


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sleep token's writing is honestly so good i obsess about it every time they come up on shuffle

i don't think i screamed enough about the sleep token cover of "is it really you" by loathe

like can you imagine a sadder song about love, i think you can't

totally playing it cool that i'll be seeing northlane, architects, and sleep token together in one show in a few months yeah totally calm :blob_cat_peek_owo:

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in particular, their single "Carbonized" from the album Obsidian

which is kinda like a very tasty chunky blend of industrial and nu metal and metalcore and djent idk

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hello happy monday i am once again listening to



henry: hey where'd you go last night? you left early

dorian: nowhere. I didn't go anywhere. I went to the club. Or no, I walked around! What's with all the questions?! I didn't get home until exactly 2 AM and I left my key so my servant had to open the door. If you need any corroboration on my whereabouts, you can ask him—

henry: ...... ok ......

hair is frizzy, parts uneven, but here's my audition to be the first emo powerpuff girl, thoughts?

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