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What up, I'm Guerrilla Rain, the Fae Prince, primordial being, embodiment of Jupiter's second largest moon Callisto.

- a dark and gothic fantasy author
- a book fiend
- a flutist and violist
- unapologetically blackity black
- nonbinary little bean
- soon-to-be expat from US to Finland
- goth and death metal enthusiast
- parent of black cat
- I like breaking stuff???
- and sharp objects???
- devout milk tea drinker
- hoodoo and eclectic witchcraft mix

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In true fae fashion, here is a snippet of the new dark and ethereal piece I'm working on.

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| YALL |
| DONT |
| READ |
(\__/) ||
(U) ||

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oh yeah, in case you didn't know, i'm not a girl or a woman, i am stardust and ethereal moonlight occupying a confusing human body that i don't particularly agree with.

The idea here is that

if she does not sleep during the day

she might just sleep at night

OR throwing hands might exhaust her idk, we'll see which comes first

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cat: *crawls under blanket to sleep*

me: GOOD IDEA *gets under blanket too* *pokes her with my feet*

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might just start crying in her face so she can see what that feels like

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me: *flops down next to cat*

cat: ????

me: Oh! Where you sleeping? OOPS

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She's been at this for a week? A week of scratching and screaming?

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She wants the front door open because she's bored and my god the evil sleep-deprived exasperated part of me wants to let her into the mountains and let nature be the judge SO. Yeah.

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Does anyone have tips for cats to (1) stop them from scratching at doors or (2) stop them from fixating?

We moved and cat is reverting to old habits. She wants the doors open but she cannot have them open. Anti-scratch sprays do not work. Double-sided tapes, aluminum foil, and draft blockers also don't work. Last time it took 6 weeks and a motion-detecting spray can which we do not have. She has toys and scratching posts, she's just being a dick and I am TIRED.

For what it's worth, I maintain that I had this idea BEFORE the recession and covid decided to bring their ugly faces into our lives, I was here first.

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Taking on immigration, a recession, and a pandemic during a move??? One of my best ideas, yes.


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me in January: I'm moving out of the US by the end of October.

covid-19: Nope

me: Bet!

me currently, stuck in France because closed borders: This is all going according to plan :blob_cat_sip:

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I keep coming back for the flirty dialogue before she ravages my body.

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Megaera is just handing out ass-whoopings left and right. Rip me. Again.

Honestly I feel like Dionysus is the only god dedicated to getting me out of here.

"Have you tried not dying?"

Hypnos is so lucky he can't catch these hands

In classic horror movie fashion, we left the lid to the piano open and guess what creepy little black cat ran across the keys, starting with the lowest notes?

i'm just drinking espresso out of this cute lil cup and looking at the autumn leaves and working on a novel????? what is happening

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