me: wow this foss project is so great i love it

foss project: don't bully nazis

me: 🚮

no one gives a shit if nazis have feelings because they're nazis. it's really not that complicated.

nazis want their feelings to matter? stop being genocidal and oppressive assholes then. 🤷🏽

they don't need defense. no one is born a nazi. no one is accidentally a nazi. it's not a mistake or something that just happens. you don't need to defend their free speech because they CHOOSE to advocate and stand for genocide. that's not worthy of protection and they don't have to use your platform.

standing up to genocidal people shouldn't be a punishable offense if you care about basic human decency.

you know what happens when you bully and persecute nazis?

they get scared to be nazis. they get scared to say their nazi shit aloud. and it makes it harder for their nazi shit to spread.

persecuting and bullying them is good. 🤷🏽

just thinking about the hero that punched richard spencer in the face on camera.

he sure got quieter.

- bbbbut freeze peach!!!!!

are you the government? no so shut the fuck up and find a new reason to justify welcoming nazis onto your platform.

"i'm not welcoming nazis onto my platform, i'm just saying that they're not not welcomed"

that's how silly yall sound.

"i do not tolerate racism, transphobia, ableism, queerphobia, or classism. not on my watch. i think the fuck not."

wow so easy and this toot cost me nothing


When you ban someone from your platform or ban their content for standing up to racists, transphobes, eugenics ass people, what you are saying is that:

1.) No, we don't want them to feel alienated. We care about their comfort.

2.) We don't want the dirty brown disabled queers thinking that we care about their safety

Moral of the story: telling nazis to fuck off is great behavior. fuck them and their feelings and their comfort. no one advocating eugenics should feel comfortable.

End thread. Guerrilla out. *trips in mic cable while exiting stage*

As an addendum, clarified the situation and shall be saved from the dragging. Which is great bc I really do love their UI.

@guerrillarain cloud you please snitch out what foss (or foss'es) you were talking about when you started the thread?
I try to avoid those nazi apologist craps as much as I can but sometime I'm not aware

@ardydo a subtoot about peertube, pixelfed, and but it seems the thing was a fluke and they corrected the issue

@guerrillarain peertube I was aware but pixelfed too? They seemed so nice and on the right track. Welp, fuck'em.

Thanks for the heads up :)

@ardydo @guerrillarain Unfortunately Pixelfed is mostly just paying a lot of lipservice, but when it comes down to action it's not really working out very well for dansup.

That said, he literally just posted this:

@maloki @guerrillarain hum... I see! Thanks for the extra info.

I guess we can keep an eye out on dansup for the next days... pixelfed is really a project that I'd like to use and etc but those things are such a turn off... I mean, I can't wait for more instances to start using florence :) (because we're so damn tired of masto dev, damn.)

@maloki @ardydo @guerrillarain
I get what he was trying to say initially, but that's completely misguided.

A good chunk of the fediverse left corpo social media because of the TERFS and nazis. The lack of tracking and monetization is a nice bonus and nothing more. So saying "let's just concentrate on the best X alternative" does nothing for them as long as that alternative has nazis and TERFS.

@maloki @ardydo @guerrillarain
Realistically, a good number of people would go back to Twitter et co. provided they got rid of the reactionaries.

Nobody thinks "well, my experience as a trans person is second guessed constantly, but at least it's FOSS, and we're sticking it to the man". THE killer feature of the fediverse is precisely the fact that we can choose who takes part in our community.

I don't think he really gets that.

@guerrillarain lembra que eu falei que sempre tem um erro grotesco em postagens minhas que as pessoas interagem? Eu escrevi "cloud" no lugar de "could" e só notei agora :blobfacepalm:

@guerrillarain and what about peertube? I thought they were decent 💔

@guerrillarain They went ahead and called people concerned insane and were really dismissive.

I dunno, still feel bad.

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