All marginalized folk ever: Slurs are bad, you agree?

Liberal dudebros: Yes.

Us: So using them when you cannot reclaim them, naming a product or system after a slur, is also bad.

Liberal dudebros: Well actually!!!

Marginalized folk: ______ is a racial slur.

Liberals: Yes it is.

Us: And there are extensive studies that show the use of racial caricatures and slurs, even in a ~positive~ light, can have damaging effects on the mental health of young folks from the affected racial group.

Liberals: Makes sense.

Us: So maybe we should change the name of this thing--

Liberals: Absolutely not.


Being able to agree on what constitutes as offensive and harmful words and actions is and being vocal about it to show you care is great and all, but maybe you should consider lifting a finger and interrogating your own behavior to actually make a difference.

You can't acknowledge a knife in someone's back, refuse to take it out or call for help, and still call yourself a good person for having basic observation skills.

@kamalaharris and the entire democratic party. 💅🏽

Does she not kno ur supposed to triangulate AFTER you win the primary? She’s telling us to fuck off WAY too early

@guerrillarain i missed the incident this thread is about and searching "Kamala slur" didn't give answers...

@red No inciting incident! Just a collection of thoughts that started with liberals and slurs (related to a toot about Gimp) and then overall about how I hate liberals lol

@guerrillarain haha i thought it was about the gnu imp thing at first, but then i was like "did Kamala weigh in on this????" 😂😂

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