"Stupid" and "dumb" are ableist terms. Put the work in to remove them from your vocabulary.

Such words, because they are ableist, are weaponized by abusers to control and break people. They are sharp words. Tread carefully.


Not using ableism as a basis for your insults means you get to get creative:

- Flaming turd from the festering pit of hell
- Morally corrupt leech
- Blood-thirsty demon
- Overgrown mosquito

Or you can go more typical:

- Asshole
- Jackass

Now let's be honest, is there ANYTHING worse than a fucking overgrown mosquito??

The fediverse came together to give you a long list of beautiful and creative insults that aren't ableist so now you have no excuse.

@skelltan as promised, see the links above! they have a pretty good selection of words that convey the same meaning.

also, in the replies to my thread, some folks have sent some pretty awesome insults if that's also what you're looking for!

@guerrillarain The noble crane fly would like a word with you.

Demonstrating swears in different languages 

@bengesko @guerrillarain I'm a fan of taint-based insults, myself. Everybody's got one!

Ableist language 

@guerrillarain my favourite is "triple-dipped in arsehole prick" with the thickest glaswegian accent I can muster

@guerrillarain allow me to add some personal favs to the mix!

-fucking ravioli
-uncultured fungus

@guerrillarain honestly calling anybody a random food item just has such a ring to it.

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