Cultural poll: do you take your shoes off upon entering a home? At the entrance, do you remove your outdoor shoes? Why or why not?

Honey has a physical reaction of shoes indoors and especially shoes on furniture. I just think it's polite and also cleaner to remove them lol

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This poll is scaring me. Y'all take your outdoor shoes all up in your homes?!?!?

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The ONLY time I don't take my shoes off in a home is when a host explicitly tells me not to. This is wild.

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@guerrillarain when a host tells me that, it's usually followed by "it's so dirty in here anyway"

i judge them super hard in my head, "every time you come over, i clean 😒"

@guerrillarain I always take my shoes off in spaces that are explicitly mine, but at my parents place they often tell people not to bother because my dad tracks in more dirt than we ever will..... sooo......... it varies. 😉

@guerrillarain the opposite seems foreign to me. I've never been in anyone's home and asked to remove my shoes unless it was a Chinese family. I wear shoes pretty much until I go to bed. Do you live in placed where carpets are common?

@thufie @guerrillarain id never ask another person to remove shoes, but I’d be thinking “wtf why do they still have their shoes on”
@epicmorphism @thufie @guerrillarain I usually ask people to remove their shoes when they come in.

@guerrillarain if you saw the splinterfest (with the occasional chance of an exposed old nail) that is the floors in this house, you'd wear shoes too

@guerrillarain I do this habitually, but I get scolded for "leaving a mess" (leaving my shoes in a corner out of the way) by everyone else who loves swimming in the outside filth I guess 🤷

@guerrillarain oh, i meant to add in that my family comes from parts of Mexico where the houses still have dirt floors, so I think the keeping shoes on thing is a remnant of that and they never grew out of it.

@guerrillarain in my own home? Not emediately and not if I'm not staying long, no. But in other people's homes? Yes, because I know it's expected. 🙄

@funnypanja whoa, I especially do it in my home. I keep a shoe rack right by the door so as soon as I walk through, shoes off.

@funnypanja lmaoooooooo I've never been to Germany but it's nice to know I'd fit in

@charlag is what a US-only thing? Removing shoes or keeping them on?

@charlag I dunno. I am an American and I don't keep them on and many of my friends' homes don't either.

@guerrillarain definitely remove them when entering home in Finland, be it ours or someone else's. Don't want to track in dirt after all.

@guerrillarain the only situation in which I wear shoes inside my flat is when I already put them on before leaving and have to run back somewhere to get a thing that I forgot. It's just... I want floors to not get dirty that soon? Cleaning is exhausting, and I like sitting on the floor.

@guerrillarain yes to first question and second one too.

the amount of dirt, grime bacteria and the rest that are on our shoes from being outside (I live in a city, so) I dont want smeared on my floors too. It's a question of being as clean as I can be.

I also don't sit on my bed with the clothes I was on public transport with.

I'm super mindful of dirt and bacteria being transferred on to things.

@guerrillarain Definitely shoes off.

It hurts me physically, when I see people on TV (usually in US TV series) walking around inside with shoes - or even (gasp) lying on their bed with shoes on. 😱

@guerrillarain I always ask, and I carry woollen socks with me a lot when I visit people. Especially with snow in winter, outdoor shoes bring in a lot of dirt.

Interestingly, the wife wears outdoor shoes all day, even at home. I only put them on to go outside. At home, I follow the German custom of "Hausschuhe" ("home/indoor shoes").

@guerrillarain yes when entering other people's homes, and when entering my own shoes and socks come off immediately!


It all depends on what others say is okay.

I have worries that my feet will smell or that it'll make others feel uncomfortable or that I might step on or in something and then be unable to wear anything on my feet or might be injured.

Mostly though, I just don't think about it, despite being told about it many times by my family, because I just don't?

Shoes feel comfortable and taking them off and exposing my feet to the world is weird.

@guerrillarain Total Chaos! Shoes end up anywhere between the patio and the front room, except the kid's shoes which end up... almost anywhere. In theory there's a shoe rack. It's really only enforced on muddy days, trying for more just ends in madness.

@guerrillarain But given our location and weather, far more mess blows in than gets tracked in, so even if I could reduce shoe chaos it wouldn't help much.

@guerrillarain In my house, shoes are OK for the first floor (cats are here, it's not like it's ever clean anyway) but not on the second floor (cats are not supposed to be here). For visitors with clean shoes, of course, *we* use slippers.

But no shoes on furniture, we're not monsters.

When I'm in someone's else home, I always ask.

@guerrillarain My default is usually keeping shoes on, but I try to pay attention to what people do at their house, because I have several friends who don't wear shoes inside their house

@guerrillarain Well actually I guess in my own house I usually take shoes off, but I just don't like wearing shoes.

Most of the white households I've been to would look at me weird if I did that and wasn't spending the night or something

@guerrillarain it's not a hard rule but boots and sneakers shouldn't be worn about the house

@guerrillarain I always did growing up. My mom has pretty bad arthritis so she always wears her shoes for the foot support, and once one person is wearing shoes then you'd be stepping in their dirt with your socks if you didn't.

@guerrillarain LOL. The amount of disgusting ableism and classism I've read from (actual) Germans in response to this poll is so vile... Stfu and sit down. Gross.

@funnypanja can you elaborate? If it's not too much trouble. I don't understand.

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