Tan France: I love my brown skin.

Several white women: I didn't even notice your skin!!???! You're beautiful because of your kindness. Your skin color doesn't matter. That's not what makes you beautiful!!!!!


I need white people to engage in this practice just a little bit:

Just because you have an opinion doesn't mean it needs to be shared publicly.

@guerrillarain your demonic aura doesn't matter i dont see the alignements

@freyja_wildes I mean, it's easy to be guilty of it from time to time. I do it too but I think more and more I've been pausing before I hit send to ask myself

"Does this need to be said? Can this be misconstrued? Am I contributing to the conversation by saying this? Has this already been said? What are my motivations for posting this?"

@guerrillarain Strongly seconding. I've spared myself so much online grief by deleting draft tweets/toots instead of posting them.

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