How to avoid "drama" on the fediverse:


- I messed up.
- I had a lapse in judgement.
- My sincerest apologies.
- Yo, you right. My b.

I promise you, this is a thing that works if you actually try it.

Meanwhile my ass has been apologizing every day to this younger coworker of mine because I didn't see her waving at me and she thought I was ignoring her.

@guerrillarain shit that's some arcane eldritch knowledge, or at least you'd think based on how rarely people employ it.

@guerrillarain my personal corollary has always been "just apologize now and have the real conversation tomorrow if you have to" because i can guarantee I'll have a more productive conversation after ruminating to myself than being immediately defensive.

@Jewbacchus I would kill for folks to use a "I need to reflect on this situation, excuse me" omg

@guerrillarain extremely same. From observation the two biggest vectors for unnecessary conflict here have been no one sleeping on it and people jumping into other people's conflicts.

@guerrillarain Yeah, this generally works (though caveat, it doesn't work if people are looking for an excuse to hate you, which. . . does happen a distressing amount).

@guerrillarain I bumped into someone tge other day and said I'm sorry. I heard someone say "Damn thats old school right there." When did that become old school?

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