*walking Stinky Pup*

"I can't believe she pees like a boy!"

It's a dog, Suzy. Stinky pees like a dog, you weirdo.

@guerrillarain i'm now picturing in the future humans peeing the way dogs pee as a gender-neutral way of peeing and it's honestly making me laugh

@guerrillarain everyone knows the gender-neutral way to use a toilet is for you to lay on it with your genitals facing in the bowl, arms stretched out like superman, and keeping your balance as the gentle stream of life comes out


there was a dog in my old neighbourhood that did like, a handstand while it peed.

this isn't REALLY related i just remember sometimes and am filled with a sort of bliss and wonder.

@guerrillarain a lot of ‘female’ dogs pee like that, it’s super common—weird gender shit makes ppl think normal behaviour in dogs is unusual.

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