Calling callout and cancelling a "culture" sounds raaaaaaacist 🎵 I'm just gonna say it again.

We've gone back and forth on the merits and deficiencies of calling out and cancelling folks, and fine.

But you gotta admit, it's only a culture because people of color (primary black, indigenous and latinx folks) did it. :blob_coffee:


Cis white women: This is a terrible, toxic man.

Yall: 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽

Brown folx: This is an abuser and racist.

Yall: Wow, call out culture is terrible, you're just gonna ruin their life like that???

Like let's be clear, that list of creeps on the fediverse was a call out.

Whether you think call outs are good or bad, I'm tired of arguing that. I don't care.

What I care about is what makes it a callout and why callouts are also considered a "culture".

And by god if yall say social justice twitter, I will throw my shoe at you.

@guerrillarain i pointed this out earlier, but i love how playvicious and other poc on fedi have been talking about this and the moment a white person speaks up about it, everyone suddenly starts talking about it lol

@DirectorBlack it happens every fucking time, where I said "callouts aren't necessarily bad" and white people argue me down...

and then start calling people out like wtf???

r*pe; sexual harrassment 

@guerrillarain @DirectorBlack callouts can be good or bad depending on what youre calling someone out FOR

if youre calling out someone for being a genuinely terrible and bigoted person then yeah ok thats fine

but if youre calling someone out bc they share the same homestuck kin as you or smth thats fucking stupid

@guerrillarain oh, definitely not! I'm more of a heel/platform booties girl, myself.

@guerrillarain I'm not gonna go so far as to say "social justice Twitter" but I do think the design of Twitter lent itself to, basically, quote-tweeting someone you disagree with and putting them on blast, which has become A Thing there (and elsewhere, mixing in with screenshotting and reblogging elsewhere) that's honestly one reason I avoid those platforms. Can't have a convo without someone feeding you to their followers and starting a war.

@guerrillarain (I only consider it A Culture the same way Twitter and 4chan cultivated snark-as-entertainment and trolling-as-a-pastime became "cultures." I think you're valid critiquing where this is all coming from)

@guerrillarain anything can be considered a quote unquote "culture" if you get a group of people with any interest and repeating patterns, good or bad

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