Late stage capitalism is a corporation having the ability to turn off electricity for a region of over 7 million people at will because its faulty equipment can't stop setting fires.

As someone who grew up in a place where utility companies are not responsible for ravenous fires that burn down entire towns, this boggles my mind.

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I just remembered that the state of California uses prison labor to fight wildfires so also California is trash and I'm no longer surprised.

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@pagrus @guerrillarain it's wild to me that they're not even investing in fixing the faulty infrastructure, they're just shutting it off to avoid getting sued some more 🙄​

@guerrillarain They probably won't care much until somebody reminds them that we, their customers, are the ones who send money their way. Once a dent gets put in their revenue they might start paying attention. Might.

@guerrillarain Because it's far, far cheaper to do that than to fix the faulty equipment, or to pay out lawsuits from the fires it causes.

@guerrillarain not only that, prisoners can't even apply to be firefighters for the city when they're released. they're good enough to defend rich peoples homes and horses when they're slave labor but not when they need to be paid 🤷

@guerrillarain and then they bare former inmates from joining the fire department.

They train them for a dangerous job, make them do it for basically no money, and then dgaf when those people have served their time.

I mean we need to abolish the prison system but, as that will take a long time, I could also go for reforming bullshit like this (and abolishing for profit prisons, making communication with an inmate free, etc.)


I'm blissfully ignorant of everything in this thread, yet somehow I'm now livid.


Isn't that worse under communism? You know, because centralization of everything.

@Hyolobrika No because the government wouldn't put profit for a CEO over literally burning 150,000 acres and actually maintain their equipment in the first place instead of taking the easy and diabolical way out lll

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