Wondering what to get a bookworm as a gift? My friends, I recommend the page anchor!! I got it as a treat for myself a while ago and it finally arrived yesterday and wow oh wow do I love it. It basically is a bookmark that also holds books open and doesn't damage the pages or spine of the book 😱😱

They say that it can be used with all kinds of books, soft or hardcover, textbooks, etc. I haven't tested yet. I will say that I eat or braid my hair or sip coffee or teas when I read so already I love not having to HOLD the book open and have both hands free. Also, it's a stylish bookmark when the book is closed.

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The package also included a little carrying pouch, box, and polishing cloth for it so I plan to take it on my month-long travels and see how I feel.

The maker is Swedish so it took a while to arrive but I liked the packaging. it felt so thoughtful... even though it's a bookmark.

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Oh! It comes in a few colors. I got rose gold and also obsidian but I think they also have silver and gold as options too.

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@guerrillarain they didn't need to make it look like a lil' nautical anchor but i'm so glad they did

@guerrillarain Do you think it would work with sheet music / instruction books on a stand, or would those fall over?

@therealraccoon one thing to note is that it is made of metal and is a little heavy so you'd need something sturdy to perch it on

@guerrillarain I guess it might be important to use a stand with some wiggle room at the base.

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