A beautiful gem where The New Yorker tells me that they need "account confirmation" from me which is really them trying to trick me into re-enabling my subscription with auto renewal. 😒

@guerrillarain Holy SHIT that's devious but also I can't help but appreciate it objectively

Like this is awful but also damn, you know

@guerrillarain As someone who does email marketing professionally, I'm doubly offended by the underhanded tactics _and_ the fact that they didn't test their damn email.

@sanspoint they probably did and the underhanded-ness was a/b tested and proven successful 😒

@guerrillarain I meant cross-platform testing so it displays right. I see that


and get mad. I literally have a snippet to fix that in my emails!

But yeah, the methodology was probably tested. Ugh.

@guerrillarain like I see a lot abt newspapers being in trouble and I’m like.

Well if you pull crap like this, have annoying ads and banners online no wonder ppl don’t wanna read yr stuff.

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