Heavy metal's origins and its core are (typically) counter-culture.

Cops are enforcers of white supremacy and capitalism ("culture").

Therefore, cops have no place at metal shows.

And metal that reinforces white supremacy and capitalism and patriarchy aren't in the true spirit of metal and should also be banned. Sorry, Phil Anselmo, you're banned I don't make the rules.

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There is literally nothing edgy, metal, or counter-culture about sarcastic/joking/embodying white supremacy, capitalism and patriarchy because it's literally just a regular Tuesday.

To be counter-culture, you have to *counter* the culture. And in a world where anti-semitism and anti-blackness and xenophobia and workers abuse and burnout culture and billionaires and r/pe culture exist and is excused, you gotta counter that shit, not repeat it.

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Rock and punk and metal were created to make space for people who were pushed out of the "mainstream," the weirdos and the freaks and the confused and the ostracized (aka it was created by black people to express themselves as a people isolated socially).

You can't reproduce the outside world in an inside system and maintain its integrity.

Thus, ban cops.

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If cops wanna have fun, they harass houseless folks and murder people. Leave metal alone.

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