Radical kindness and empathy are all things we should try to practice more. ✨

It is not a subtoot and I said "we" because I am also trying. Empathy and kindness is hard, especially when you *think* you're being kind and you aren't when you look critically at your behavior. That's where empathy comes in.

What you perceive as kind isn't always kind to the receiving end.

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Also being empathetic and kind to people you don't perceive as worthy is really hard. Really, really, really hard.

But letting go of rage and spite and anger and resentment is so freeing. Hard, but freeing.

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In general, I've been trying to remove myself from and not engage in gossip and trash talk and spite and resentment and grudges because it's tiring and I'm busy. I don't have time to fight everybody all the damn time.

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I wonder how many people read this and think, "Yes!!! Be empathetic and kind to me/the people I love" and not, "You know what? I should've been empathetic with that person I just shit all on in their mentions"

or "I could've take 2 seconds out of my day to hold the door open for that person."

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While i would change "empathy" here to "compassion" because reasons, this is absolutely a thing i am still working on, and always will be.

I feel like radical kindness and acceptance are things that aren't mentioned as often as they maybe should be, so. Thanks for bringing them up.

@guerrillarain it's my new years resolution which normally means jack shit but i always follow through with them. gonna have to trust me on that. kindness will see us through these coming times.

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