I'm calling out everyone who had anything to do with Hannibal Lecter

because they didn't teach us about prion diseases when we were over here scheming on eating the rich.


Anyway, in my ideal utopia, no one would ever have to pay for any necessities ever which means:

- free food
- free housing
- free healthcare
- free education
- free wifi
- unlimited library access

I shall achieve this by reconstructing guillotines in all the state capitals, giving the land and businesses back to the people, throwing the military in the trash, and turning all federal buildings into housing.

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I hope someone reports me so I can throw hands with a class traitor.

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When my kid first learned about bills he said "I thought money was just for stuff you wanted, not stuff you needed!"

@guerrillarain just imagine Star Trek without those things: Every time someone is send to sickbay their plan is checked, people staying in the cafeteria, because they don't have Wi-Fi in their rooms, half the library is behind a paywall, and the replicator offers bad coffee or overly salted mashed potatoes only...

@guerrillarain @CobaltVelvet Side note: I want “healthcare” to mean more than “going to the doctor” to people. It should includes gyms and fitness instruction and all that preventive shit.

@guerrillarain Those all seem like things that should be human rights, yet for some reason under our gross Capitalist system aren't :/

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