Resources for learning Finnish? Is there anyone in the world actually trying to learn Finnish?

@guerrillarain I'm not trying to learn Finnish, but Anki is an app I recommend for anyone learning languages

* Tatoeba (tons of example sentences)
* Clozemaster (gamified, has Finnish, but isn't the best for absolute beginners)
* Memrise
* Soon, Duolingo will have it in beta
* Try to pirate Pimsleur if they have a version in Finnish, it's one of the best learning methods for any language imo

@guerrillarain you might find stuff here:!x4VG3DRL!lqecF4q2yw

(I hope the link works; basically it has ressources for a shitload of languages and the folders are divided according to language families − or type, sometimes − I found this on tumblr a while ago and it's been really helpful)

@guerrillarain And the language sounds so beautiful! I was watching a Finnish twitch streamer singing both English and Finnish songs. :blobcatlove:

@guerrillarain don't really know any but i speak the language if u need help down the line

@guerrillarain migrants used a lot 'this app on android with a howl' one else learns finnish!

@Vz01 app on Android with a howl? Do you mean Duolingo? Finnish isn't in beta until December!

@guerrillarain yes duolingo ! Don't they teach finnish? Maybe was swedish wven norvegian, sorry I'm european,bbut as a french i'm badly educated..😒

@Vz01 Haha that's okay. Duolingo is working on a Finnish course but won't release it for testing until December 2020.

@guerrillarain The Finnish public broadcaster Yle offers some learning material for beginners, e.g. the Supisuomea videos

@guerrillarain Hei! I found this after a short search:

You can try searching for "suomen kieli" or "suomen kielen", that's Finnish for Finnish.

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