do you need a nintendo online account to visit people's islands?

so you mean to tell me
not only do i have to buy this mf game
i also have to buy a yearly subscription to have friends

nintendo can suck my whole ass cheek while i continue to be a dedicated nintendo-only gamer

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me pulling cash out of my wallet to buy yet another mario game: you can fuck thef uck right off nintendo

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me as i bought a switch 3-4 years ago even though it was super expensive and just came out solely so i can play one fucking game: this is some fucking evil shit nintenndo

i'm still mad at nintendo for making breath of the wild so fucking worth it

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*muttering under my breath while i enjoy the hell out of luigi's mansion* trash ass company

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i mean, it's still fuck nintendo but also i love them for making overcooked

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the tv adapter thing for the switch looks so janky but i still pack this console to go on vacation or travel anywhere i truly am a clown

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