"If you have a problem figuring out if you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."

Biden is the very last person defining who is and isn't black, you crusty piece of shit.

Every single day I continued to be baffled by the entitlement of white people and the savior complex they carry. How you gon save us FROM YOU? How sway

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@guerrillarain Holly hell. How can he even thought about saying that sentence? How can he thought it was a good idea O_O ?

@guerrillarain “I’m going to say that I’m entitled to black people vote, so I can use them as a tool to guilt trip white leftists to vote for me!”

@Sylvhem @guerrillarain Most white people do not understand identity. Like, flat out. This is what leads to white people trying to characterize, conditionalize or gate-keep others’ racial identities (or other identities, but not as often or as violently).

Because whiteness is considered default, we don’t understand what it means to have these identities questioned or judged from outside.

@Sylvhem @guerrillarain It’s no less bullshit and all of the above should be fixed. Just… that’s the mechanism, here. Also named self-interest from a career politician.

Hopefully all this wasn’t man- or whitesplaining. If so, please feel free to tell me to fuck off. 💖

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