"Fuck your meeting" - Luna as she pounces on my charging cable, loud enough for the person in the meeting to notice.

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client: is that your cat

me: yes, can you give me a second she has decided the charging cable needs to be punished

client: *laughing*

me: here is the culprit *holds luna up to the camera*

client: OMG SHE"S S O CUTE

Luna: *big eyes, super calm, sweet demeanor that I never get to see*

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@guerrillarain thank you for making my shite day a little better

@guerrillarain now I want to give something back so here's my baby girl who's been very good today

@guerrillarain much like Luna she's a little gremlin but also incredibly precious.

@guerrillarain this has given me strength for at least the entire rest of the week, thank you for your important message Luna

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