Reminder for non-indigenous folks burning herbs for cleansing and purity to not use white sage, or purchase sage directly from indigenous folks (who can cultivate and protect the herb properly). White sage is endangered.

Also you don't smudge. Smudging is a closed practice. You can cleanse and purify but you don't smudge.

Other herbs you can use for cleansing and purity are juniper, rosemary, sweetgrass, lavender, and bay leaves just to name a few.

Also don't forget to open windows when you're cleansing with smoke, otherwise you're just chasing that bad energy around your space in a circle lol

@guerrillarain My girlfriend just made some lavender bundles to cleanse with actually and it seems like they're pretty successful (and don't smell awful, which is also important =P)

@guerrillarain Bay leaves! I never thought of this.

I love the way they smell and I have a bay tree.

@nein09 Bay leaves are super magical. Beyond cleansing, they're a great herb for anything related to success and prosperity. Also just for eating haha.

@guerrillarain sometimes I just crush one up and stick it in my pocket!

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@guerrillarain where can I read up on "closed practice" / similar ideas?

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@t54r4n1 Do you mean read up on smudging specifically or the concept of closed practices?

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@guerrillarain the concept of closed practices.

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@t54r4n1 I have only ever seen it used with regards to cultural appropriation and any kind of cultural practice that requires initiation or deep belonging with the community (i.e. anything that isn't actively being taught for hands-on involvement is usually closed)

For example, voodoo has rites that you have to go through to be a practitioner.

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