Not to pry excessively but when do we finally hear the "how we met" story? 🐾

@xenophora Unfortunately, it isn't very exciting-- I saw her listed on the human society site, I applied, they called me immediately to get rid of her, we came in the next day.

When we brought her home, she hid until I was asleep, sniffed my face and my feet, and then let me brush her.

@QueenMollyBones @guerrillarain

:) I manage to brush El Sid about twice a year. I could get away with more, if I wasn't so fussy about keeping all of my fingers. :D

Moin 🖖 @guerrillarain
»She's on her side…« make a kind of massage with the front paws? I know that often, a kind of expression of love and feel secure (Geborgenheit)

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