"I think of France as the US of Europe." - honey just now

@guerrillarain but like, because I'm very curious why honey thinks that.

@moiety covid and not having their shit together

still better than the US but compared to the rest of europe... not so much

@guerrillarain hmm, I'm not too familiar with France's stats at the moment. Usually you'd think the UK is the easy VS analogue of Europe :meowthinking:

@a_breakin_glass I’m not so sure. You know, we had centuries of war to try determining which of the two countries is the worst.

@moiety @guerrillarain

@a_breakin_glass @moiety @guerrillarain

They're at least both serious contender and have their own "I'm worse than you" in some categories. If we're talking covid handling specifically I guess France has a form of health care, even if it's far from perfect, at least, but otherwise there are a LOT of things we (/the government) did wrong

@guerrillarain Well... Trump is the Sith master, and Macron his apprentice.

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