For black history month, people everywhere should consider looking at the history of the African diaspora and their experiences and treatment in their home countries.

Black history month is a US thing like the rest of the Americas, Europe, Asia, MENA, and Australia also ain't doing their black folks dirty.


Black history is also queer history, it is neurodivergent and disabled history. It is world history, it is art history, it is music history, it is science history. Imagine where we'd be if people acted like it.

@guerrillarain excuse me but how does being black relate to all these other things? (also there is no black diaspora to speak of in most of the world where the british didn't import slaves from africa)


1) Black people are queer and disabled. We make art and music and video games. We appear throughout history.

2) That is incorrect. The British Empire did not have a monopoly of African slave trade and slavery is not the only way the Africans moved throughout the world, and yet antiblackness sentiment remains global and impacts even those who aren't descended from enslaved people.

@piggo @guerrillarain The Windrush might be of interest to you. Slavery isn't the reason why so many people in London speak patois.

@LaurelRye @guerrillarain British kill Indigenous Taino, enslave west africans, take them to the islands to use as slave labor, and then a couple hundred yrs later ask them to come to uk to rebuild post war britain....

slavery is the reason...actually. you dont get WI'ians in UK without West Indies being colonies, and you dont get colonies without slavery


@CaribenxMarciaX @guerrillarain I respect that & stand corrected.

I guess my kneejerk instinct on this has a lot to so with how many people came here by invitation, with the express intent of helping the countries infrastructure. A lot of the people I know who come from the Windrush generation have a powerful sense of collective ownership of the decision to come to London and the weight of promises that were not kept that I don't feel entited to object to.

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