Race was created to justify chattel slavery and that was started by the Portuguese, and extended by the British, French, Belgians, and Spanish. The United States was founded by white Europeans who engaged in the slave trade, which means American racism

is in fact European in origin.

I know yall like to forget but white people didn't just materialize on the continent, they brought their fucked up ideas from Europe!

i said i would stop engaging in race talk on this hellish place

but also white people love to avoid discussions on race

but this is your ugly baby, the unbothered people of west and central africa certainly didn't make up these arbitrary ass rules


speaking of fighting ancestors why is there not a video game where you get to wreak havoc on the founding founders?

like i pay big money to throw hands at George Washington

@guerrillarain mfer died because he wouldn't change out of wet clothes. Weak.

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