Are there any botanists or botany hobbyists on here who can help me with tree rot and plant decay? 👀

@guerrillarain remove the soil, cut off everything rotten, wash it off, let it dry and repot it in new soil. do not reuse the old pot or boil it first. always wash your hands when working. do not touch healthy plant parts with dirty hands if you can avoid it.

Long ish 

@guerrillarain I have grown a few things, so not a botanist, but maybe this can help

Do you have tiny flies?

I had lots of issues with plants not growing well, trying to flower quite early and then wilting quite fast.
I tried watering less, etc. That didnt help.

But there were lots of tiny flies.
Turned out the fly's baby were eating the roots and killing the plants.

I got nematodes from online, watered them in my soil and the problem of flies & wilting plant went away.

It's an hard one.
There are two ways: the passive and little effective one, or the invasive one. And neither guarantees the plants survival.
The passive one is keeping the plants as dry as possible, difficult if we are speaking of trees.
The invasive one imply uncovering the tree roots and treating them with bordeaux mixture. This is more effective, but there is the risk of killing the tree of shock.

@guerrillarain not a botanist, but interested in mushrooms, Is it a honey mushroom infestation? There are several species you can introduce that overpowers the honey. Chaga and Turkey Tail are two long term solutions if it's honey. A lot of times these symptoms are due to overwatering.

@guerrillarain plant rot is usually caused by suboptimal conditions. Figure out why the plant rotted in the first place, the answer is usually too much water or not enough drainage or both but it can be heat or air-flow related. uproot it, remove the soil, look for rotted roots and remove them if you find them. Fix the thing that is causing the sickness, then cut away the rotten part of the plant. Rot doesn't usually reverse so you just have to cut it away. Can u tell us more about the problem?

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