ok asking for a friend (myself, i'm the friend) : a fantasy retelling of the entire divine comedy where dante and virgil are sapphic and paradiso is bad actually? y/n?

*rubs hands together menacingly* finally my catholic school education comes in handy

it sure would be good to have the entire divine comedy in print, a nice thick tome perhaps with gilded pages and a nice cover oh wait mine is IN THE SHIPMENT

"guerrilla, does your pretentious ass seriously have the entire divine comedy in print with gilded pages? seriously?"

why yes, it was one of my first adult purchases.

@guerrillarain I mean if you want to write it because you have divine inspiration, I'd go for it. You can still burn it later. 😅

@guerrillarain Je ne vois pas le problème à avoir de belles éditions de livres qu'on aime.

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