I still can't get over Biden speaking on the anniversary of white supremacists murdering black folks en masse and destryoing down hundreds of black-owned businesses by saying black people could be successful if they knew about accountants and lawyers. :blob_cat_sip_glare: I just... HE'S the lesser of two evils?

MAYBE black america would be wealthier if yall redistributed the wealth gained from the ALMOST 3 CENTURIES OF UNPAID AND EXPLOITED LABOUR UNDER THE THREAT AND ACT OF GENOCIDE AND FEEDING CHILD TO ALLIGATORS just MAYBE if there wasn't the constant sabotage by white people

but ah yes the negros have never heard of accountants and lawyers, that's where the deficit lies

small business loans conveniently side-step black businesses and white people can't go 5 minutes without burning everything down

but ah yes, it's still somehow the black folks' fault.

AND let us not acknowledge the events of Tulsa were called a riot instead of the state sanctioned massacre it was because then black survivors wouldn't be able to file insurance claims

but blame the negros

all this coming from the man we have to thank for the crime bill that continued to pillage families and communities of color

thanks joe


you wanna know why income inequality falls along racial lines?

- renting is more expensive than owning but home loans penalize black people
- hiring discrimination
- pay discrimination
- school-to-prison pipeline
- overpolicing depopulates communities
- low-income neighborhoods tend to reside in unhealthy/environmentally dangerous locations
- which means increased rates of disabilities, higher health costs
- can't work if you're sick
- public transportation underfunded in black neighborhoods

what we NOT gon do is blame black people for a country that has done nothing but sabotage and put roadblocks and policies in the way of our every effort to survive

also the hilarity of all of this when even college entry essays have been proven to be financially, culturally, racially biased is


and he still talking about bootstrappin?????????????????????????????

make it make sense

@guerrillarain Please remind Mr. Biden of your other ancestry, because that one ALSO pisses me off.

I'm sure that ancestry would benefit from knowing what lawyers and accountants were, and that would have prevented their land from being stolen.

(Been reading silver spook's comments on what the US did / does in Hawaii still, and it's the same bs over and over.)

Anyway: in agreement, not that I can do much other than yell and be told I'm a sellout cuz I'm not telling you to get a lawyer and an accountant, cuz that will fix everything.

Also: yes, this is better than the other one, but only in that the fires are being maintained, not more of them being started, and less gasoline being poured on everything. Less. Stopping is not in the plan. Whe don't people think of the gas company owner's!

@guerrillarain don't forget all the black-owned homes and businesses that had to make room for highways!

@guerrillarain And the US welfare system is designed to keep those on welfare on welfare. Motivation to seek work is penalized, monetarily.

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