reasons why fake dating is the superior trope:

- only around person for X
- wait i actually like this
- this is too easy, i'm too into it
- i can't let them know
- it's just business
- can't ruin job with my feelings
- do they feel the same?
- yo i'm GONE
- it's not just business anymore
- hELP
- i do not want this end

it's about the *yearning*, of both having what you want and also not having it at the same time

fake dating is holding a person's hand or giving them a kiss, both of you pretending it's all for show when wait you're both into it? huh???

are they into it into it or are they just pretending to be into it bc it's for show? am i just enthusiastically doing my job or am i into it? who knows?!?! not me

and that is the spirit of the trope

@guerrillarain OK, I’m ready to give a second chance to this cringe trope.
What’s some of the best fake dating you ever read?

- Hot Dog Girl by Jennifer Dugan
- To All the Boys by Jennifer Han
- Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuinston
- Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert

are the first that come to mind, but lemme look at the rest of my book list

@balrogboogie *kinda* but not exactly

the fake dating trope is consensual for both parties. they are both aware that it is fake.

@guerrillarain ah ok, I wasn't ready to go along with She's All That as an actually-it's-good trope, so that makes me feel better 😌

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