me: hi kitty, your bowl is empty, would you like some food?

cat: yes!! I haven't been fed in 10 years!!!! I'm starving!!! I'm so hungry I could perish on the spot, feed me now!!!!!

me: here you go

cat: *walks away disinterested without even tasting*

@guerrillarain garnet chose to cuddle me instead of eat immediately this morning and i felt extremely blessed

@bright_helpings @guerrillarain me and stray cats & dogs. you'll sit at a caf or take a little pastry away to eat, and they'll come and beg for a piece of it. you tear some of the food and leave it for them and they'll be like "my tippy taps are not for sale, sir" and trot away with the smuggest of nasty smiles

@guerrillarain Cat yowls at the door for a long time. I finally open the door. Cat looks at me like "what did you do that for?"

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