cat: *begging for food*

me: *pretend i don't understand, pick her up, drown her in kisses*


@wxcafe thank you!!! I only knew about the 1st, so this gives me a lot more places to research.

1. Neighborhood(s) where rich, stuffy, upper-class people live

2. Potential neighborhood for someone working class who'd commute daily to Palais Garnier

preferably within Paris proper, but I'd love to hear your opinions as residents. I'll do more research on my end too.

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I'm doing a little research for a project, and would like your opinions a couple locations below:

language question, racist slur (u-word?) 

@moiety Dunno about the rest of the world, but the US usage is always suspect to me.

language question, racist slur (u-word?) 

@moiety It didn't always have a racist connotation, but it became a way in the US at least to describe black people who don't "know their place"

me: *reading peacefully*

*loud wailing*

me: luna

*loud wailing*

me: would you shut up and get in here already?

cat: *loud wailing as she walks across the apartment sleepily*

me: are you done

cat: *soft wailing as she climbs into bed*

"guerrilla, do you really wrap your cat in a blanket when she sleeps?"

yes she has to stay warm and cozy

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@moiety in fact, the demon will knock the phone out of your hands to free them up for pets

the opening/main riff of this is just nasty why do they think they can treat me like this

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"I held the power of a dying sun, I climb the altar and I claim my place as God"

ooooof yes

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@DauntlessKafeBean omg!! I didn't have this system in place when I was concepting or writing the first draft of this book, please don't think I'm this organised usually I am 3 chaos gremlins in a trenchcoat

(also development is so much fun I hope you're enjoying it!!!)

the way all of their songs sound different even though the elements are the same, this, my friends, is called RANGE

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spiritbox is back, i don't mean to be that annoying person who is always talking about them (jk yes i do) they have a new single and mv and it's (unsurprisingly) a banger

Turns out my antivirus has decided AFTER A MONTH it doesn't like Scrivener so it's just been sending my files to quarantine??? without notifying me??? My antivirus just deleted Scrivener??? without telling me????

and now refuses to let me reinstall, even after whitelisting the files 😭 I am fucking CURSED

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