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To any users of Scrivener on Windows, they have


released version 3 and you may be able to get a free version.

"guerrilla, does your pretentious ass seriously have the entire divine comedy in print with gilded pages? seriously?"

why yes, it was one of my first adult purchases.

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it sure would be good to have the entire divine comedy in print, a nice thick tome perhaps with gilded pages and a nice cover oh wait mine is IN THE SHIPMENT

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*rubs hands together menacingly* finally my catholic school education comes in handy

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ok asking for a friend (myself, i'm the friend) : a fantasy retelling of the entire divine comedy where dante and virgil are sapphic and paradiso is bad actually? y/n?

honestly the best part about having a very vocal cat is that i can bring her into any conversation as backup and know that she will chime in.

me: luna says i don't have to shower today, right luna?

luna: *chirps*

me: :blob_cat:

steve rogers saying he dislikes bullies

sir your name is captain AMERICA

me: *hears a thud somewhere in the apartment*

me: baby kitty, i have concerns that you are somewhere you are not supposed to be

the ferocious apex predator named luna: *chirps and comes running*

the highlight of cat ownership is watching your cat fall asleep in a precarious position, lean too hard while asleep, fall, and hit the ground VERY disoriented

yes this is it

I have seen 30,000 variations of:

"Instead of hot girl summer, can we do ______"


it's only ever for shit black folks (especially women) create that gets appropriated as a "trend". and then i have to sit through white people thinking they're special because they don't get the "trend" so they want it to go away. NO.

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black folks: *creates a thing for themselves*

white people: instead of this thing that makes me feel excluded because it wasn't made with me in mind, can we do Y instead?

please stop this habit, this trend, this behavior.

there is a global pandemic and france is still throwing a fit about hijabis in public, THE PRIORITIES

can someone explain why the cat is crying and eating simultaneously what did i do now???

lol my airbnb account got hacked and whoever did it managed to *verify* one of my bank cards

what do you even do after that?

me: *existing*

cat: 👀 those are so might fine ankles you've got there 👀


cat: :blob_cat_knife:

"what to do when cat is plotting your demise again for the 3rd time today and it's not even noon"

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