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Every billionaire is a moral and policy failure.

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bonjour mes friends, this is @gzt and @gzt and a couple other places, this is my new account for ephemeral stuff.

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Happy Stanislav Petrov day, everyone – as bad as the world can be, I'm still glad it didn't end in 1983!

Bill O'Reilly's principled opposition to the phrase "play us out" and insistence on improvising live a better phrasing is the only relatable and human moment we have ever seen from him.

neighbor across the alley has a sign on his front door:

(no E on it)

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ROSE: John, stop it.
ROSE: The degree of maturity you are showing here is really bad for morale.

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aaaah my friend and hero from forever loved my street medic piece said it 'dripped in Southerness, with the ghosts we march with' I'm kind of exploding with joy because I've looked up to her for forever
the piece in question is

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Happy 1st of July America! May the 1st be with you! It's so great that your country gets to have its own birthday #independance

this is okay. occasionally has some interesting musical flourishes.

I thought to look this up because I remembered her cover of "All about that bass" which was kind of amazing.

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JASPROSESPRITE^2: We've been through a lot haven't we? All of us. Reality itself really. Reality has been through so much and puts people through so much simultaneously.

I love how much everybody loves the mayor

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Indian librarian S. R. Ranganathan created the five laws of library science in 1932, which today are considered the foundation of modern librarianship

1 Books are for use.
2 Every reader his or her book.
3 Every book its reader.
4 Save the time of the reader.
5 The library must be a growing organism.

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Glinner, fediblock 

Definitely not going to sign up for that free speech web site, but I presume it just bans any leftists at random, right?

okay seriously though when those cicadas getting here


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