happy international homestuck day everyone

aradia is risen for like the fifth time and thankfully she's not a frog ghost

long, the story of how i discovered indie music and got Good Taste because of homestuck 

when i was young the only two ways i had access to music were
- my mum's ipod classic
- the "best of the 70's til now" radio in the car

i couldn't buy my own music and i wasn't aware of music piracy (but even if i was i wouldn't know what to look for), and i would pretty much never go out of my way to find music because i didn't get the point

and then, one day,, i started reading homestuck, and homestuck has music in it as part of the story, so without explicitly looking for music i ended up finding some that i really liked

i found out that it was for sale online, and when i clicked the link it was for a website called bandcamp. at the time i literally did not know that you could buy music on the internet anywhere other than itunes. the apple walled garden is real and it is terrifying

i bought the music with a prepaid visa card i bought with birthday money, and i loved having my own music that i wanted to listen to for once

i looked around on bandcamp and found more music i liked, made by people i hadn't even heard of and didn't play on the radio (i was genuinely unaware that indie music existed), and now i'm rly into different varieties of music and i listen to a lot!!

so thank you homestuck for getting me into music. and also for aradia

some of homestuck's music is fantastic and you absolutely can listen to almost all of it without knowing anything about what a katkat venti is

this is depressing as all hell but

homestuck is probably the first time i ever heard a song that wasn't in 4/4 or 3/4


@lynnesbian finally getting around to reading homestuck, this put me over the edge

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