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advice/astro phrase in other's words 

in other words, if I had taken Tact101 in childhood,

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advice/astro phrase for today/tomo & this week 

Oops it's today in the US & tomorrow for me, us, Africa, Asia, EU actually.

But today (here etc) is the mutable moon, which helps

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advice/astro for today/this week elaboration 

To those who hate change: take any step/s that you can that will change what has been stuck. Try to make it a bigger step than you would (it's likely that you're a fixed sign - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aqua)

To fixed signs who kinda lost hope: This is the day to imagine hope bc things *will* change

Mutable signs can lose hope then get better 5min later or as soons as they find stimulation

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advice/astro phrase for today/this week 

Accelerate change today or change will accelerate your ass.

Sedna got her fingers chopped off? Well, Mercury conjunct Sedna rn & they rules hands, so... ig I won't do the risky thing then.

Indian army, sexual violence, deforestation 

Brijinia Asur said, “When the army used to come to Netarhat for its artillery exercises, many (Indigenous) women of the area became victims of molestation and rape by them.” She had tears in her eyes.

I tried to join odysee dot com, it keeps saying 'failed to fetch' but how is it? not for videos, I dont have a Utube.

disrespecting own ancestors, food 

First I added liquorice to banana flower curry, bc I was lazy to make tea separately, then since I didn't have coconut, I added the horrifying ingredient that is coconut flour...

I think coconut takes out the bitterness, I might have missed a step if there was a need to add acid for that. Bt it was edible.

I cleaned the flower for an hour or so, only to disrespect my ancestors :blob_cat_innocent:

Mes pieds sales me foutent une insomnie 

je n'ai pas la force d'aller me laver et les dents -et- les pieds quand ils ont été lavés 2 fois hier (ojrd8, for you)

overwork, anxiety, insomnia from either/both could flare. Covid infections likely rise but also other respiratory and digestive illnesses for Virgo placements

Peak may be in 15.5 hours.

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It's best to delay important communications, unless pre-planned in advance. A toot brought to you by me missing my aim.

Are objects we throw 'feeling' the doom or are my arms weaker from weaker digestion?

Mercury rules arms, hands, breath and digestion. It's currently getting engulfed by Pluto. This is potentially bad, unlike Mercury gatorades.

Noticed more interpersonal arguments around you?

Do people have ways to know a random person blocked them on twitter? e.g I make an alt and block a harasser, a random nazi and their friends w/o having interacted.

It was first fruits festival for Bahurutshe people of Botswana and it is today for Fijians

Harvest festivals are the most important bc fudz :blobhaj_hold_asperge: :blobhaj_hold_sausage: I've been trying to find the origin of the Lunar new year but there are other festivals happening

@ people having a rough time 

hang in there, for 16 more hours and 30 minutes...

If you don't have a house, a home, a chosen family: it's been intense and this full moon sucks but it is going to suck for a coupla more hours only. hang in there ✨

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