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ig what counts as gardening for spoonies is also anything that counts towards

And feeding birds who will poop seeds somewhere

Or just helping keep their habitat safer

My friend @Moss started a gofundme to help support me and my family for #prideMonth

My partner is out of a job, so we're out of an income.

For someone like me, I hate autism "awareness" month and "pride" month about as much as I hate "thanksgiving", where white people celebrate the continuing genocide of #Indigenous people like me

So if you can help, that'd be amazing. We're just running it for June for now. Any "extra" money will go to our medical bills/needs and #trans necessities, particularly as @transmundane needs clothing!
#transCrowdfund #disabilityCrowdfund

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prompt for a 1000 word medium thinkpiece 

how does one holler on the down low?

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In case anyone needed to see this today <3

Sensitive content: the designs show a raccoon and mental health problems (but it's soothing)

Design by Maia Kobabe:

if they didn't get paid, it's anti-indigeneity and it's as awful either way.

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This is to say I'm not someone who cared about birdsite numbers at all, but there's repression you all can't imagine in certain countries & what do imperialist SJ posers do when that happens, they (get paid to?) work with fascists so that birdsite becomes utterly unusable for us. In the end you have the repressors, the imperialism that we face (but no one cares about it elsewhre often) to an extent & also the freedom or pockets thereof, the means to do it, laws, time & the web in rural places

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I realised I always get a rad list on birdsite by using keyword search (except I'm shadowed from doing so since day 2 of my account, imagine!) or seeing great RTs by them (low numbers are cool) & that on mastodon, this won't work, hard to find anyone talking about anti-Blackness, personnes racisé.e.s, the environment on and indigenous peoples. sigh, it will take some years, in spite of all the here & there

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