@hugoeland it works well but only if you pronounce Unix system resource as user. #pedant

@hugoeland who would have thought being pedantic would have a good outcome!?

belated correction 

@zens @martyn @hugoeland "unix system resource" is a backronym, "usr" was originally a shortening of "user" and is traditionally pronounced the same. it originally held users' home directories and was a mount point for a larger and slower drive than the one that held the root filesystem, as is common for /home today. eventually the contents of certain root filesystem directories got too big for the smaller drive, and /usr was repurposed to hold the overflow.

belated correction 

@autumnontape @martyn @hugoeland almost as if we should scrap unix and start from scratch because unix has nothing to do with how computers work in 2021

@martyn @hugoeland And "bin" like "bean", which I'm gonna do from now on.

@lokenstein oh wowie it is

Our lovely trash punk communist disaster 🥰

@ariel *our lovely trash punk communist disaster cyborg 😂

@hugoeland RA RA RASPUTIN


Mince, j'étais pas sensé alder dormir ? 🙃

@hugoeland I had to google this to find it again to boost it because it's been stuck in my head for about 2 weeks now.

A++++++++++ top shitposter would boost again

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