@weirdwriter I deleted my Audible account a year ago, so happy about that. Are you using libro.fm? If so, how do you like it?

@weirdwriter Looks very US centric unfortunately. I can't find as many books by Iain Banks, Ken MacLeod or Ann Leckie available in Sweden. Bummer.

@human_equivalent we are expanding, though. Maybe in the next meeting I can ask how they expanded to Canada before I came on board. There has to be a way we can streamline this process somehow. Expanding, I mean. At the moment, our priority is finding an international friendly payment system that will work everywhere.

@weirdwriter Oh wow, cool you work there. I don't know about payment solutions unfortunately, I which I knew a good privacy oriented one. All I know is that Patreon, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard are businesses I... we'll let's say I don't really like their business models.

Re libro.fm I'll keep an eye on it and hope I'll find more content there later. My issue is that I read a lot of English books but regional limitations I don't understand prevent me from listening. Shrug.

@human_equivalent I've got some more accessibility work to do for them now, so I will TTYL, but I would strongly suggest anybody not use a VPN. We need your IP to tell you if we will even work in your country or not. Just replied to a pissed off customer that demanded we stop our Amazon like traps, only to discover they signed up with a VPN. Don't do that. Ever.

@weirdwriter Haha, wow. Nah, I'll put off signing up, but I'll gladly check it out when it reaches here. :)

@human_equivalent I scheduled a blog post! An acceptance announcement. An early draft is on Patreon because there is no other service like Patreon that is accessible, so, yeah. :) But any way, keep an eye out for my second blog post in August. I know about Liberapay, but it's not fully accessible. Patreon will have to do, for now. If only the open source community cared as much about a11y as the big capitalists. :(

@weirdwriter Cool, looking forward to reading it! I removed my Patreon account the other week actually.. got any low hanging fruit feedback about liberapay I might be able to look into maybe? Let's find out how easy it is to submit patches their way. :) None of their open GitHub issues is mentioning accessability what I can see..

How are you browsing the web? Can I try the same tools and see what happens maybe?

@human_equivalent I am on Liberapay. But yes. You should download NVDA. If you want my exact configurations I can make a portable version really fast and send you a Dropbox link, but this page should get you started on how it works as a sighted user. webaim.org/articles/nvda/

@human_equivalent and here is a very easy way to get NVDA, but yours won't have the voice I use, etc. ninite.com/nvda/

@weirdwriter Thanks, I'll check out NVDA and see if there's anything I can do about the a11y bugs. The bug reports don't look to frightening, let's find out what lurks underneath, and how hard it is to get a dev environment set up for liberapay.

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